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The European Union aims to achieve 60% electrification in its economy by 2050, which is a huge challenge. In Spain, currently, only 23% of the economy depends on this energy source, and must resort to other energy resources to satisfy our needs.

One of the great changes, known by many, is that of the electric car. The fleet of vehicles that run on electricity has gone from 50,000 in 2011 worldwide to almost 2,000,000 in 2018, spectacular figures that we hope will continue their upward progression.

It's not just because of Elon Musk's charisma, that the market has given Tesla a capitalization of billions of dollars.

So it seems that the future will be electric or it will not be. However, to electrify the economy, one problem must first be solved: the digitization of electricity grids.

What allows networks to be digitized? First, it minimizes losses and optimizes performance. In the case of, for example, photovoltaic energy, digitized networks allow predicting small variations in weather, making their performance more efficient by activating batteries in times of low solar impact. With this, the percentage of energy that is inevitably lost will be reduced by saving watts for consumers.

Another miracle that will allow the electrification and digitization of the networks will be the possibility of giving a superb boost to renewables. These cannot be massively deployed with current networks, so their development must be parallel and feed back into digital networks.

In summary, we will see how the carboniferous energy sources, such as gas, oil and coal, will gradually fall in the wasteland of irrelavity. Coal is tremendously polluting, and its exploitation is dangerous apart from expensive; oil depends on the political salsae of the moment, and the new shale farms do not seem profitable at all. Only gas could live an ephemeral period of glory, but it will only be as a transition resource until the triumph of renewables.

Electrification will take over our societies throughout this century, and will allow the advancement of the long-awaited renewable energy.

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