Countdown to imminent arrival of hybrid brains in less than a decade

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In this post I will be sharing with all of you content related to major scientific advances, specifically scientific information on the development that is most likely to impact humanity.

It is worth mentioning that at the neuroscientific level it is imminent that in the next decade there will be devices with the ability to connect the brain directly to the Internet through items such as caps capable of reading thoughts.

As mentioned by the worldwide director of IBM's research area, in this hypothetical future an algorithm will be able to auto-complete the imagination, as word processing software already does with words.

Source: economictimes

It has also been indicated that the first somewhat rudimentary devices could be on sale within the next decade, and will be available in electronics stores, according to the calculations of these neuroscience experts.

Now, according to one of the IBM experts and neuroscientist from Columbia University, Dr. Rafael Yuste, the most important implication is that it will change the nature of the human being, in literal words: "We are going to become hybrids, and this is something that is going to happen, yes or yes".

Can you imagine the extent to which the human species will have hybrid brains in less than a decade?


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