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RE: Stars and Genomes: Why I Want Us to Remain Unmapped

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I love sci-fi. This is such a great read, wow! I would not be too worried about musk until people really want neuralink. I think AGI and a singularity is better, because what people think isn't gonna happen. We need someone to run the monkey circus! I believe once quantum computers come and we realised super position and entanglement, we will rise spiritually exponentially and take back nature and habitats. Go back to equanimity with nature. Corporations like amazon and neuralink, space x etc.will be around, but no matter how much they try, they can't stop liberty and freedom with coercive force. I feel it's still all apart of the fear and violence still inevitably on peoples plates and also our ignorance about the abundance to herbs and flowers we are actually supposed to eat. The pharma processed foods are clogging our melatonin production in the pineal gland? Anyone else scared that your toaster will get legs and hunt you? 😂


Haha my toaster better stick to toast!!! Other wise I will totally unplug!

I am worried your future might be too far away.