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Hi there!

I've decided to install a bigger hard drive on my PC and as such, I bought a really huge drive: a 6 TB Western Digital - Black Version.

After a full backup of my system which lasted over 48h... 😲, this morning I shut down the PC to cool it off. This evening I opened it and replaced the drive... and as soon as I closed it up and turned it on, it made a lot of noise. I searched for a couple more screws to tighten the drive better so it wouldn't shake and that solved the noise problem...

Then I tried installing a version of Linux on it... and when I got to the part of formatting the partitions, it stopped, saying there was "an error creating the partition." 😖


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My PC is a HP tower and the drive has to be fitted vertically... instead of horizontally. Could that cause issues to such big hard drives? Should I find a way to mount the drive on a horizontal position or is that totally irrelevant? According to some forums it shouldn't make a difference... but then, why does a brand new drive throws me an error like this? 🤔

Anyway... after trying to install it again, the drive was missing. I had to boot up Windows and Quick Format it. I hope now I'll be able to install the system and I don't come across the same error again... Wish me luck. 🍀


Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
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Computador também me dá muita dor de cabeça... Quando pensamos que está dando certo no ultimo minuto as coisas dão errado lol.

Pois, acho que o disco veio com defeito. 🤢

Sorry to hear about your PC problems, I hope you can fix it soon. Don't use an axe though 😁

Of course not... or else I won't be able to take it back to the store and complain about it. 😁

So? What's up? Is it working? Do you need this 🏏?

It's doing a Full Format under Windows right now, to see if the disk has problems. It's going to last for around 72h. 😳

Sorry to hear that, mate. Mechanical drives are certainly more fragile than say, solid-state, though as long as it fits inside the tower and is mounted properly, it should be fine. I'm guessing it's a 3.5-inch form factor, right?

It has to be something on the software side of things, though not having any knowledge of Linux, online forums would be more helpful than me, I'm afraid. I hope you get it fixed soon :-(

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Yes, it's one of those. I am beginning to think that this drive is malfunctioning right from the factory.

A SSD of 6 TB is simply not affordable. 🤪

Hell no, you're going to need a corporate-sized budget to get an SSD affordably past 1TB! If you're hearing loads of whirring and noise, it could definitely be a malfunction on the drive itself. So, you'd better have that exchanged right quick. Just a tip, it would be helpful to have a video w/ sound of the hard-drive in action, just as backup :-)

Nice idea. 😊

Hopefully you'll get a replacement, and have this fixed as soon as possible 😁

Good luck. From a non-techie like me I can't make heads or tails about your problem but hopefully, you'll get it right soon.

Thanks. The drive is being formatted now, I hope it solves it. It's going to take a few days, thought, before I know the result. 🙄

I wonder if this article or a similar one may help you with your error.

2 TB, eh? It tried making a partition with 5 TB. I wonder if that was the issue... Thanks for the article.

Oh, well... Now I have to wait for Windows to complete the Full Format of the Disk. I heard it's going to last for around 72h. 24h gone... 48h to go? 🤣

Geez, I guess bigger isn't always better 😜

Changing the hard drive and operating system can sometimes be a real headache, similar things have happened to me with my external hard drive and the truth becomes somewhat tedious, I hope you can find a solution soon, regards friend 🐻🚀🎮

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I do wish You luck!
I remember the days...
(*I was a comp. tech for years)
Hopefully not a BIOS problem!

No... I am still trying to figure out the issue. It's something related to the disk... for sure.

Well I wish You luck!
Fighting with hardware can be challenging!