A Great Air Cleaner

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Good Morning!

A few years ago I got a nice Air Cleaner from Philips, the Air Purifier AC3256.

There were a lot of different products from several brands in the market which claimed they did the same thing. In the end, several reasons made me choose this one: it was affordable, visually it looked great... and I trusted the brand very much.

Image Source

5 years have gone by... and I must say I'm quite happy with this purchase. It works really well, the air inside my house is always fresh and the product is awfully quiet, you can even sleep with it turned on since you won't listen to any noise whatsoever. It's also really easy to clean.

However, I see some people in the Internet complaining the filters are expensive and only last for 6 months or so. But... I wonder in what kind of conditions do these people live in? 🤔

Image Source

I still have the original filters... and after 5 years, they are quite clean. From time to time I take them out, brush them a little bit and voilà, they're not as good as new but clear enough to keep working well.

Even before brushing, they are nowhere as dark as the ones in the image above. Damn, that sure is dirty! 😮

I guess the environment you live in makes a big difference to the amount of time the filters will work for. I live in a semi-rural area, there's not much traffic around here... and those folks probably live in large and polluted cities. Or maybe they smoke inside their house? 😉

The difference is huge: 6 months vs 5 years!!! 😵

Philips is a brand which I always enjoyed and I'm a bit sad to see them in such a bad shape. They've stopped building TVs and lot other appliances... and nowadays there are even talks that the company will not stay afloat for much longer. 😑

Still, there are people confident they will turn around. Let's see what the future holds... but one thing is certain, Philips is now a shadow of what it used to be.

What about you, do you have any Air Cleaner? Do you think it's worth it?



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Cleaning filters in our air-conditioning units is something done every 3 months with the regions air now dirty, unlike earlier years. We notice on net curtaining how much more dirt is in the air!

Philips was one of the best brands, I still have products 50 years old that work. My Mom worked at their Philips Martindale factory, later the staff shop in Ellis Park, always supported their products.

Watched a show recently into excellent R&D they did, bad decisions along the way now selling off most of this great company.


Yeah, it's a pity, they seem to have sold or shut down most of their operations in recent years.

Modern move in industry, manufacturing in various places throughout the world, old business as we knew it is all but gone.

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I knew nothing like air filters existed. May be I need the one.

You have said it right that the condition we live in has a lot to do with how long the product will continue working.

It's a very good thing to have, in a short time you'll notice the air a lot cleaner... which makes it easier to breathe.

I can assume it. My son has asthma problem. Perhas such a thing would be good for him

I think this is best and affordable, I would really like to purchase on someday and recommend it to others. Great post mate.