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Great app for creating personalized videos of vacations, trips, family gatherings, celebrations and other memorable moments in life! The only thing that I wish could be added as a feature, is to adjust the duration of each picture manually and to place the text at a random spot in the picture. Also, it would be great to be able to save a certain part of the video that you're happy about, without it adjusting automatically when you make changes in other pictures (hope that that makes sense).What can I say, a different approach from every other editor and it handles 4k videos. One missing thing or something didn't work for me, is to crop/zoom an area of a video, to the same aspect ratio. In that case crop function was selecting all my video area doing nothing. It could allow me to set the new area to crop/zoom. Anyway the best video editor for stories/teasers out there!I had fun creating an ad for my business with this app.


The process was seamless and very easy. It nearly did all the work for me! The user interface is nice too with everything you need easily accessible. My only gripe is the limited amount of music available but there's an easy remedy for that. I highly recommend Quik especially if you're a beginner.I just heard about this app recently. It has a lot of variety of effects. I find it easier to use it on my tablet to do the editing, but if I do a hyperlapse type of video I think that only works on my phone. Also the size of it seems square rather than rectangular for viewing. Very interesting very good but still getting used to itLove this app! Kindly make possible to edit the video shot in potrait. When i import those video they get horizontal and i need to rotate it later after edit and that compress it more. If i change the layout the subjects get very small in entire frame. Moreover i cannot write any text because if i will rotate video it will change its orientation and won't make any sense.


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