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Amazing app however some times you cant place land or buildings were you want and it would be nice if we could have more models and if we could edit objects in half or other ways so you can get the right look but otherwise this app is amazing and I have already recommended it to my friends. Building 56 or something here I come.I love this app , it helps me to show clients what their design and space would look like giving them layout ideas where they can see what could work and won't before hand..would give it five stars if it had roofing options but it"s the best app compared to the others , I love it so much I bought the up graded version so I can save and share and build multiple foors with lots of cool furnishings....I have downloaded the full version of this app and have had it for over three years. It is so fun and easy to use.
I would say it is not worth getting the free app you can't save projects or do upstairs. The gold plus version is about 20quid but it is definitely money well spent.I liked the app after purchasing and using it. It has been easy to use. But now, I am experiencing a problem. I couldn't launch the app any more. Everytime I attempted, it showed a fetal error message advising to reinstall. I sent email to technical support but have never responded so far. I uninstalled and reinstalled the app as per the message I get when I launch it. However, it has never worked again. I paid for the Gold version and no help from the developer and seller. This is app very good. You can calculate everything nicely with near-exact measurements. I like being able to switch between 3D and 4D.
There are some glitches with placing structure pieces, though. The app tries to predict my next step and do it for me. I wish I could also customize the height of my structures and change the roof style. I think they should unlock more for the price you pay. This app is a very good in what I'm doing with interiors and even outdoor spaces and lots of success in what I am trying to create. I have to manipulate things to get what I want such as roof lines and other building materials. Otherwise other problems such as when I put too much information or other things such as furniture and other designs it's going to start to freeze up. Then it gets hard to control. Then I have to stop and give up. Still I love this app best so far.


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