Five really cool Raspberry Pi Zero projects

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Five cool projects you can do with the Raspberry Pi

This post will focus on five projects you can do with the Raspberry Pi Zero. The Raspberry Pi Zero is the $5 ($10 w/ wifi) Raspberry Pi with a reduced footprint ideal for embedding into projects.

# 5 - Gif Camera

Project Details


This is a cool project that was built by Matt Griffin for World Maker Faire 2016. The camera uses a Raspberry Pi Zero to build a portable point and click camera that takes Gifs!

#4 Electric Skateboard

Project Details

This project uses a Raspberry Pi Zero and a Nintendo Wiimote to control an electric skateboard with a max speed of 30Km/hr and the ability to drive for around 10km. The above video shows it in action and talks about the build. You can visit the project details link if you want to try to make one.

#3 Pi Grrl Zero

Project Details


The Pi Grrl 2 is a very popular portable gaming console built with the Raspberry Pi Zero. There is a Raspberry Pi Zero version of the project for a smaller and more compact portable console. All the parts can be purchased from Adafruit in a kit($55) but you will need to either 3D print the case or hire someone on a site like 3D Labs.

#2 Airplay Speaker

Project Details

This is a cool project to build an Airplay compatible speaker. Although it has a mediocre speaker, you can spend a little more on a quality speaker and even add a dedicated treble speaker if you wanted to. One of the cool things about this project is you don't need to follow the construction guide and can use almost anything you can think of to build into. It doesn't need to be a small wooden box.

#1 Raspberry Pi Zero FPV Drone Camera

Project Details

One of the most entertaining uses of a Raspberry Pi Zero is to build an FPV (First Person View) drone. This is one of the projects I haven't done and would really like to do one day. There are lots of great drone designs on Thingiverse you can print out yourself and build, not all the projects on Thingiverse use a Raspberry Pi Zero.


Cool stuff -- especially the FPV drone..

I've been thinking about building some kinda drone... Would be a super fun project!

Okay, these all look pretty fun! I have an older pi sitting around... Maybe I really should see what I can do with it!



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I love the raspberry pi project! It's always amazing to see what people do with them. The zero is practically disposable that it's so cheep! Amazing.

I was gonna say have you seen the magic mirror? I wonder if your post is were I originally saw it, must have been. Cant beat the drone though pretty cool.

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