The Powerwatch X could be the future of all smartwatches and fitness devices.

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One of the most unpleasant things about our smart watch devices is power. An average smartwatch has to charge every single night to get ready for the following day. Great smartwatches can go for about three days with minimal use and other features turned off.
The battery issue has become so a problem that some smartwatches have been so bulky in order to fit in a bigger battery to last longer.
Charging smart watch devices is not so bad but it only gets worse when you have to charge more than 4 devices every single night or morning before starting the day.

Meet the Powerwatch X
The Powerwatch is a great implementation of energy-efficiency and utilizing human's body energy to power devices. Since our smartwatches are always around our wrists throughout the day, our body energy that is emitted through heat can be utilized to power a smartwatch and that's what the power watch is about.
The Powerwatch X has a minimalist waterproof and rugged design to make it withstand most harsh conditions. This is the first generation of this smartwatch and it makes all the sense in the world that they didn't include so many features. The Powerwatch lacks some common features that are seen in most smartwatches like most google apps, heart rate sensor, etc.

But this watch can function for two years on your wrist with just it's thermoelectric technology doing its thing to recharge from your body heat.
It wirelessly syncs with your iPhone or Android smartphone, for notifications, automatically adjusts to the current time zone, and has changeable watch faces.

Wearable devices should power themselves
This is the beginning of something so great that will be adopted by other smartwatch manufacturers. The future of wearables is bright. I hope their next-generation smartwatch will include more features to supplement a great smartwatch technology.