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Artificial Intelligence is entering all aspects of the business world. It is only a matter of time before we see it penetrating everything. The versatility and payoff simply is too great.

The Fiverr marketplace is realizing this. It is interesting to see this route taken since Fiverr was designed to help people with the "Gig Economy". Individuals are able to advertise their needs, thus getting services for a rather inexpensive price. At the same time, the people on the other end are able to generate a bit of money by putting their talents to work.

It was recently announced the that team behind Fiverr have developed an AI program that can be used for logo design. This means anyone, anywhere in the world, can get a logo designed inexpensively. This was always the case yet now it is by a computer instead of a human.

Does this mean that human design is done? I doubt that outfits like Wal-Mart or General Motors are going this direction. However, for the vast majority of the individual, small business needs, it could fill it. What is really impressive is the fact that AI services are being brought to the masses.

The other side is how it affects the people who are presently designing these types of items. Obviously, this path of generating some income is most likely cut off.

Here is what the offering is.

The Fiverr Logo Maker asks users several questions about their business and style preferences, including the brand name, slogan and industry. They are presented with style options including a classic or modern look, fun or serious, and traditional or sophisticated.

The automated program then takes over and generates an array of logos in several seconds. Each branding option generated by the program presents several variations, with different colors, fonts and designs. Examples of the emblems are also projected onto cups, business cards and phone screens.

This is a glimpse into the future. AL tools are going to become more readily available to the masses. The development then is possible by those outside the largest companies. The big advantage to utilizing AI services is the cost. There is no doubt it is less costly, on an ongoing basis, than using humans. The only cost is the development and, perhaps, some monitoring. Outside of that, the software handles it all, thus generating a nice profit.

Stories like this are happening all over the place. The work force could be looking at "death by a thousand papercuts".

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This means anyone, anywhere in the world, can get a logo designed inexpensively. This was always the case yet now it is by a computer instead of a human.

Good news there ut a sad one for a great sect here in Nigeria that are making a living in branding and graphics design. A good simple logo here goes for $20 and some earn as much as 5 times of that for their monthly pay.

Thinking what to do before it gets massively adopted.

Posted via Steemleo