Getting Paid Just For Living

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There is a project in Japan that epitomizes what our futures could look like and how people will "earn" money.

Mind you, this one is a bit on the freaky side because of the circumstances yet it does show what is possible. It is also not a cryptocurrency project, i.e. decentralized, which is another problem.

What is does is exemplify some of the innovation that is out there and what people are thinking about.

We all know that training AI requires data. In the quest to duplicate humans, it is vital to have as much information as possible. This serves a dual purpose because we, as humans, are seeking answers as to why we do things ourselves. Naturally, the ones most interested are usually companies looking to sell something.

An IT company in Japan is going to pay people the equivalent of $1,832 per month to film them. They are wiring up their homes and filming people during their normal course of activities. This is being done in an effort to feed AI and robotic systems.

According to the article, the project will send the data is such a way that identities will not be revealed. The hope is to speed up the development of these different technological systems.

Thus far, 500 people signed up for the project.

Here we see a major transformation. Everyone is starting to realize the value of data. The challenge is we still are in a system where the major corporations are the ones who profit from said data. This company, at least recognizes that, and is willing to pay people for what they supply.


Certainly, it takes a special kind of person to have his or her house wired up with cameras. We can leave the privacy concerns aside, although since it is voluntary, I guess there is no problem with it. The important point is to witness what innovations people are coming up with in formulating a new economy.

There are many debates about the fate of capitalism as we progress technologically. Many of the fundamental premises go out the window when we start to realize the establishment of a zero-margin economy. No longer are governments and corporations the two main players in the economic equation. Suddenly, as we see with public blockchain projects, cooperatives start to form.

This project in Japan might be the most honest one I have come across so far. While the idea of signing up to have all that takes place in one's home recorded is upsetting to most people, the reality is this is being done. At least this company is paying people. With our smart televisions, Alexa type devices, and phones, we have no idea who is accessing what. The truth is we all could be having all recorded in our homes and not even realize it.

Of course, this is not a defense of the idea. It is appalling what these technology companies do. This project, would fare better, in my opinion, if it was decentralized. Naturally, since we are not at the point of true anonymity with regards to the data, it is a non-starter. However, I am certain we will solve that issue in the next few years.


Many of the technologies that I see starting to enter the marketplace are of interest to me. The challenge I have is who is owning the data. When we start talking about chips under the skin, personal AI assistants, and brain-to-computer interfaces, the concepts turn completely negative when I think about Facebook and Google being the controlling entities.

It is one of the reasons why I am so committed to blockchain and cryptocurrency. These are paths that could help to alleviate the control these entities have and make the newer technologies, which are very powerful, more palatable.

Ultimately, the next 10 years will be a time of figuring all this out. Many are already aware that a new economic paradigm is entering the picture. How that looks is not totally clear at this point. What is evident is the present system is trying to maintain the status quo which will not work.

Also apparent, at least to me, is the idea that jobs are going to be affected. As we see the concept of zero marginal cost enter the physical world, the entire economic system we know is upended. Thus, alternatives are going to be required.

Ultimately, I think we end up being paid just for living. Each day, we undertake a variety of actions that can be monetized and have value. Presently, we are not getting paid for them. Instead, we see other entities profiting, often to the tune of billions.

We are undertaking the basis for a shift in that model. This is where the world of tomorrow can be drastically improved by what is taking place today.

It is up to us to form as many cooperatives as possible to attract as many individuals as we can. The present system is not working and will be replaced. What it all looks like is something we are having a hand in.

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I get the fascination with AI and how it can provide advances in fields like medicine and health, but other than that I don't get why our society is pushing for AI to do more for us. We should be doing things, humans need purpose even if it is something as simple as a methodical job.

I suppose there will be other things to do in place of what AI can take over, but it isn't just about jobs. Either way, very interesting dynamic.

...humans need purpose even if it is something as simple as a methodical job.

I disagree with this. I do not believe that a methodical. mundane job provides that for people. Most people detest what they do which only adds to the stress and pressures they feel. When you factor in the physical (and perhaps mental) ailments that people suffer from, it becomes clear that people are not getting much out positive of a job other than a check. Yet, they are getting a host of negative issues from it.

Back in the days, was a known TV Show called "Big Brother", when few guys and girls were gathered into one house, filmed 24/7 and showed on TV.

Also as i know people were hacked through their webcam devices to be stalked 24/7 while others decide to go live through underground websites for money.

This project will be a method of legalize this "trend" somehow, but for sure will be a future or simple, a future.

If in this moment you ask yourself "What family X does now?" or "What my friend X does?" and you give them a call to see what they does, in the future you will access their webcam to see them live on their house :)

Mark my words!

@taskmaster4450, Artificial Intelligence is eagerly wants to enter into our lives. In a way Filming aspect sounds bad because, just imagine how it will going to feel when we know 24/7 someone is watching us.

Secondly, in my opinion it's a preparation to convert something Artificial with Human Qualities.

Have a great time ahead and stay blessed.

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Great article, i agree this will be the future but it will take time.
Imagine doing things you love and getting paid for it?

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Ha, I'm all for 'experiments' and me thinks it's about time to setup and establish a powerful GAN network (blockchain or not) with infallible portmanteaux algorithms in my cave and then signup in that IT company in Japan to pay me those UBI $1,832 per month to film my antics everyday as they wish “Through the Looking Glass”. LoL

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