USB Hub Design: Day 06

in #technology3 years ago

Continuing work on a custom 14 port self-powered USB hub with a 2A per port current limit and per-port current control and reporting.

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 3 years ago 

Maybe you covered this already, but what's better about your design, compared to something like this?

Thanks for the question! It's not better, not worse, just a different design. My design will provide 2A continuous per-port (150W total), along with configurable per-port current limiting and current reporting. Judging by the info on the link you posted, that hub supports a maximum of 90W which must be split between 16 ports (average 1.125A per port, or max 2.1A on 8 ports). I'm also leaving the option open for the hub to have status/control via Bluetooth and possibly WiFi.

I just started doing educational streams, so one goal of this project is to give people a design they can build and customize themselves while learning, which is why it's USB 2.0 vice 3.0. This is not intended to be a commercial product.

Hope this answered your question!