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RE: Increase your project success with MoSCoW analysis

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@themarkymark - hey. just reaching out to you about two items you were selling on dcity. I picked them up, but wanted to reach out because they were very underpriced. If you did not intend to sell at that level, let me know and I will send them back t you.

 last year 

What was it, it was likely due to the way it updates, it has happened to me multiple times now. Click on something but it updates and it isn't what you really clicked on. I can't tell what was sold as the site doesn't show history anymore.

You had listed 2 immigrant cards for 0.70 SIM each. My guess is that you intended to sell each for 0.7 HIVE. Just a guess though.

 last year 

Ahh yea, keep them.

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