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I'm totally with you on that. Yes, VR is just around the corner. And while the most typical example is a completely virtual surrounding, meaning you're sitting in your living room, but feel like you're walking down a beach, what I believe is going to be more common is the augmented reality: seeing the actual street we're walking down on, but without the trash, the beggars, or whatever else we want to block out. Instead, we will see flowers, bunnies, (and most likely advertisement), along with messages, videos, and stuff people send us.
I'm not really sure if I like this scenario of a filtered world, but that is the direction I see we're taking. Oh well, at least we'll straighten our backs again!


yes yes yes! i was wondering if i should focus on AR rather than VR.. i think you are right AR is gonna be much more of a thing and will change our reality so much... and that will at least help us to start looking up a bit more.. i hope.. lets see how this crazy tech pans out!

i can imagine one day the kids will wonder how we ever spoke and met people without being able to see all their stats, friends, and thoughts and background flying past them on their internal screens.. omg!\


i hadnt really thought much about filtering.. shit that is scary