My Raspberry Pi Zero

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[Originally posted on #Instagram on 19/04/16]

My Raspberry Pi Zero that I got at the end of last year; not done anything with it yet, but eventually I will!

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Nice! I wouldn't have anywhere to put a setup like that, unfortunately, but it's still pretty cool!

Eventually? Any ideas yet?

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If this is the version of the Pi Zero I think it is, given its lack of wireless, I want to instead use it as a coprocessor for the ZX Spectrum Next, as all the other projects I intend to use a Pi or Pi Zero for need wireless, and given that the Pi Zero W is now out, it makes more sense to use one of those over a vanilla Raspberry Pi Zero!

That said, I am a while off owning a Next, and I also have plans to get a Pi 4 to replace my Pi 3B+, which will become part of a Google AIY Kit that I'll be posting up a past Instagram photo of soon; currently, any photos I post up on here are from between 2016 and mid-2019, as I want to bring my Steepshot account into parity with my Instagram account, so I can post up pictures to both at the same time, as some of my previous pictures may need to be posted up to contextualise future ones. I have made it clear in the top part of the description when the original post was made (via parentheses), and on that basis, if you (or anyone else) wish to enquire about any of the items/subjects in the past (or even future) photos, then comment on the relevant pic, and I'll be more than happy to give an update on what's going on with them, when I've got time to do so, as I have up to 100ish pictures to post up before I reach parity!

I may also consider editing the post on Steepshot to include an update on the item, seeing as these pictures are new to Steepshot, but not to Instagram!

Yes, the Pi Zero W ist out now. I’m also thinking about buying one. 😊

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I have a Pi Zero W somewhere... I was going to be using it in a project that would involve reusing a broken Plug & Play console, as the joystick is a microswitch, and the actual, physical hardware is still in good condition!

Also, by using a Zero W, I could allow it to connect to the internet to download firmware and emulator upgrades, which should give you a good idea of what I'd be using it for! The regular Pi is too large to fit in there in the way I'd want it to, but it could also be used to create a robot too.

I also have some Arduino boards and kits knocking about somewhere that I eventually want to do some videos on as well.

I‘m interested in home automation with a local MQTT Server at the moment and a matrix communication server

I'm working on "smartifying" my home myself... I've already got a fair few smart plus and smart lights, in addition to eventually using the AIY Kit, and a smart speaker with Alexa, though I need a few more places for speakers or Google Home/Alexa hubs!

Do you have the AIY Kit already?

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I do indeed... a photo of it should be coming soon, as I took a picture of it ages ago!

That said, where did I put it now? I suspect it may be with the smart stuff, but I best double-check!