My favourite gadget: Garmin Forerunner 235

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This is my submission for the @stemgeems #stemgeekscontest gadgets. I won one of these before, but there were not many entries. You cannot win it if you are not in it!

The smartwatch is a technology that has taken a long time to take off. You could trace it back to some of the early digital watches that could act as a sort of databank to store some phone numbers. Remember the calculator watches? This was in a time with no mobile phones. I have owned a couple of other smartwatches. The first was a Pebble. This was a neat design with long battery life that could sync to your phone to display alerts, but could also run all sorts of apps itself. It was limited, but worked well. The company was bought by Fitbit who discontinued the Pebble watches. Mine developed a fault anyway. I also had a Xioami Miband that could measure heart rate and steps as well as showing notifications. I found it limited, but it was cheap.

As I have been running a lot I asked for a running watch for my birthday. I read a lot of reviews and chose the Garmin Forerunner 235 for the combination of features at a reasonable price.

Taken from my previous review.

After six months I am still happy with my choice. There are much more expensive fitness watches around, but this suits my needs. It can log running and cycling workouts with the option of setting up your own programmes for things like intervals. It continually measures heart rate and steps. It is waterproof enough for general swimming.

It has a decent battery life of around a week that can include several workouts that use the GPS. I am able to run without taking my phone with me, as I did last night, and still get a log of my performance.

So far it has not shown signs of wear apart from some minor scuff marks. The strap is soft and comfortable. I think you can easily get replacements.

Operation is very simple with the five buttons that soon become intuitive. One press gets you a log of your heart rate.

Heart rate

It is customisable with a selection of hundreds of watch faces. Am currently using one that emulates an old-style watch with hands, but includes extra details like steps, heart rate and battery status. I need something that is easy to read at a glance with my failing eyes.

The Garmin app on my phone can give me all sorts of statistics. I have it set to synchronise automatically to Strava as that is where I prefer to log my running. That can be picked up by the @exhaust dapp for me to post on Hive.

Logging a run is as simple as pressing the start button a couple of times so it picks up a GPS signal. Whilst running you can use several customisable screens to get data on pace, steps, distance, heart rate and other statistics. It will vibrate at set intervals to let you know it is showing your distance for the last kilometre or heart rate. If using the app you get spoken details. When using a training programme it tells you what you just did rather than what the next phase is, but then that is displayed on the screen. Maybe there is a setting to change this.

So overall I am very satisfied with this watch and wear it every day. It really is useful to see notifications on your wrist as your phone may be in your pocket or bag. It lacks some fancy features such as a touch screen, but I can live with that. I do not really need lots of apps as I will generally have my phone with me anyway.

What is your favourite gadget?


Garmin Fenix 3, it's already an old version but it's the best I ever had

The Fenix are the premium watches, but you may make more use of the extra features. Glad it has served you well.

Garmin make good stuff. I had a Forerunner 305 many moons ago which I think was one of the first GPS enabled watches. It lasted me a good while but was a little on the bulky side.

I've had a Fitbit Ionic for the past few years which I've loved but they don't seem to be very resilient. The screen on my first became faulty after around 18 months and I thankfully managed to get a replacement under warranty. Unfortunately that has now died completely after 10 months. The Fitbit support team have been very good though and it looks as if I'll get another replacement.

I don't run often but when I do I enjoy going out without my phone. I don't often listen to anything when out and about so it's one less thing to worry about.

Usually I have my phone to listen with podcasts when I am running, but when running with someone else I can leave it at home. The watch seems to give more accurate results than the phone.

Definitely my top whished gadget! Unfortunately, these are pretty expensive for what I can afford now so I'll have to wait until I can get myself a Garmin and until then.. enjoy my little fit band from Huawei :D

This one was on special offer at the time, but it looks like you need to spend over £100 for a decent one. Maybe you can save up enough Hive to buy one some time :)

Maybe, that would be great! :)

I'm happy with my recent purchase of the Amazfit and think the watch has motivated me to do a bit extra.

That's cool. There's a huge range of watches out there now. Anything that motivates you is good.

Yeah, I have been motivated since March and the watch was a reward for the efforts - it's further motivated me with the tracking and pretty charts :)


This is what I've been using for years. It just won't die and it does what I need it to do, so I can't justify buying a new one. Bulky as though.

That is chunky, but if it does the job then keep using it. You may get extra exercise from carrying it around :)

Builds up my left forearm to match my right. If you know what I mean... wink wink...

Ooer missus! I am sure you mean lifting a beer glass builds your right arm.

yes... that's exactly what I meant.😇

Great product for athletes who love to run long distance and record their activities. Wish you all the best for winning the conpetition. We are looking for people like you in our community.
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That is pretty awesome. I remember you writing about this when you got it. I wish my Fitbit had the heart rate monitor, but we cheaped out when we purchased it and got the model without.

With this watch I get all the stats I really need. I am not training to heart rate as some people do, but it can be interesting to see how hard I am working. My resting rate is fairly low.

Nothing can stop a consistent Runner.

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I really don't about this brand. But it looks quality