Treat: Some new buds

in #technology2 years ago

I've been listening to quite a few podcasts and music in recent months as ... well I have quite a lot of time on my hands. It's great to have some noise when out walking, gardening or general stuff around the house. One annoyance however has been cables! I have some overhead cans but being a baldy I find these very uncomfortable when wearing with a hat. So, it was time to get shopping!

I've got an iPhone 8 so my first stop was the Apple Store. I should have known better really! £159 (starting price!) for AirPods and £249 for AirPods Pro. I've always been a bit of a gear head but THAT is not happening. However, I do like the design, the touch controls and the fact you can use them for taking calls.

I ended up grabbing some ENACFIRE G20 Bluetooth Headphones (with touch control).


I went £10 over by budget of £40 (£49.99), but have been jolly impressed with them so far.

The build quality seems to be excellent, the sound quality is very good indeed, there's very little leakage to annoy those around you. The little case thing is also the charging station. You charge the case and this recharges the pods when they are seated within it; pretty much identical to the Apple products but a 3rd of the price. There were cheaper items available but the reviews seemed to be far more mixed hence why I decided to spend a little more.

I've not tested on a telephone call yet so can't comment on the microphone performance, but if you're in the market for some wireless buds I wouldn't hesitate to recommend these at the £50 price point.


Look cool. I had some Bluetooth earphones that jammed in my ears with a wire between them, but something broke on them. I could not run in them as they just fell out. It looks like these have similar tips, so not sure they would suit my needs. I have been tempted by the bone conduction earphones as I like to hear what is going on around me. Hope these are good for your listening.

I had to change the tips to a slightly larger pair to get the fit right. They fit me pretty well and I think they would stay in if I went running with them in. Like you I like to hear what's going on around me though and these wouldn't be any good for that as the foams create quite a tight seal.