The Social Dilemma - Netflix

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I've been watching a fascinating documentary on Netflix these past few days, I've enjoyed it so much that I thought I'd mention it on Hive. I should add it's also pretty scary.

The Social Dilemma includes some of the biggest brains from Silicon Valley talking about the boom in social media and its impact on society. They also discuss their predictions.

You can see the trailer for it here.

Although I've been involved in IT for my entire career, I've never been one to delve too deeply into the technology that drives the world around us; literally in some instances. The content of the documentary covers how AI and associated algorithms are developing and leading to social media users becoming the products. There are some scary figures relating to the impact on society and specifically the increase in suicide amongst certain age groups and how these figures correlate with the advent of social media on mobile devices.

Jolly interesting stuff for anybody really.


I may have to watch that. There's another documentary called The Great Hack on Netflix about the Cambridge Analytica scandal. Our data is being exploited, but people will keep doing silly 'quizzes'.

Yes that popped up as another recommendation, I'll probably watch it over the weekend.

I've been watching Nightflyers lately. The horror is not really my thing, but I'm sticking with it. For light relief we watch Repair Shop :)

Yeah, I watched it. Had a good short debate on Mastodon about it.

I wouldn't read too much into what some of the contributors said. Some of their arguments were flawed tbh IMO.

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I didn't really digest it all so will have another watch. Thanks for the extra reading :)