Learning Web Development: A project is born.

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You may or may not have seen that I've decided to learn some coding with a focus on frontend web development. I've been working through a web development course on Codecademy that covers HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, Git and a bunch of other stuff I don't really understand. I have also been using other resources in an attempt to get a proper understanding.

Last week I started on JavaScript and this week I touched on some PHP, but the realisation set in that I'm already forgetting the HTML and CSS from previous weeks. It was time to setup a little project.

The lockdown project is born.


OK, I know it's all looking a little sparse but I'm still quite chuffed with myself. All the styling is carried out by cascading style sheets (CSS). I've even managed to integrate some fonts from Google Fonts!

I have created all the pages you can see in the navigation bar but Photography is the only page that has any content. I've been playing with different ways of displaying photographs.


I'm having a few issues with this as I haven't worked out how to get the content centralised correctly, referencing the navigation bar. I've also an issue where the content is taller than the browser window as a scroll bar is generated on the right, and the content shifts to the left. I've found a few suggestions for this but don't understand them fully yet.

Something that isn't visable above is the text changes colour when hovering over a section. You can see this below with "About".


All of this is running on my local machine at the moment so isn't available on the web. I'll save my setup and tools for another post.

Oh, another frustration I have is the Copyright notice at the bottom of the first screen capture. I've tried to make the year dynamic using PHP but can't get it to work. Another issue for another day!


I did a CSS/Javascript course a while ago, but have forgotten a lot of it as I didn't use it. I need a project to apply what I learn.

I’m really enjoying it - it’s nice to instantly see the difference a small change makes. Hardly scratched the surface in the past 2 weeks though.

Never appreciated how powerful CSS is.

CSS is powerful. It's neat seeing what you can do if the page is displayed in different sized windows or even on a phone. I just have issues with actually designing something that looks good.

I'm the same as I've generally not been the creative type. I'm hoping that understanding the art of the possible may help though.

I've not attempted to create a responsive site yet but I think that will pop up fairly soon.