Is anybody else [email protected]?

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[email protected] is something I've not come across for many years now. I seem to recall getting involved maybe 18 years or so ago. I think back then they were looking for new planets.

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Folding involves downloading data (work units) to your computer and using its resources to complete work activities such as big equations. Effectively it is the creation of one hell of a super computer.

I don't recall where I saw a link to folding again but it is currently being used to help find a cure for Covid-19.

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To get up and running you download a small application from the [email protected] website and install it on your computer. Once up and running your computer is assigned and activity and starts working through it. There is also a small web application which you can view to assign how much resource you want to assign (Power), when you want your computer to work through the work package (When) and details of the problem your machine is working through.

I think I've now been setup for a week and have worked through 46 work units.

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You can setup and join teams if you so wish, but I'm currently just processing as an individual.


I am not running [email protected], but I do run Dreamlab on my phone when it's charging. In the past I have run various distributed computing projects, but these days the PC is not on as much and doing so adds to the power bill. Maybe if/when we get solar panels I will get back to it.

It's a good point you raise about power. We have a smart meter so I've been monitoring the cost to ensure it doesn't get too silly. So far it doesn't seem to be making too much different...but there again I've been making sure the kids aren't watching too much TV :)