Groovy Gorolla eh?

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Who comes up with these names?

I've been using Ubuntu on and off for a while now. Most of my use has been within a virtual machine as I often need to use my PC for work and there are some apps on my laptop that aren't available on Mac or Linux. However, I finally got my finger out and moved to something a little more permanent.



I've now started using GRUB to duel boot my laptop so I have the best of both worlds. I can use Windows when connecting my laptop to my telescope camera, and use Ubuntu for general use.

I've been trying Linux on and off for years now and often gave up with it due to compatibility issues or due to it being too confusing. However, things seem to be much different these days on both fronts. All features seem to work, and work well. It is now also possible to do everything through the GUI instead of needing to use the terminal.

The key thing that has hit me is how performant Linux is. This laptop is hardly a slouch and runs Windows just fine, however, Ubunto seems to do everthing just that litte quicker.

I've not yet tried to use it in a more corporate environment, that is with Active Directory or similar. That's an activity for me to get my geek on over the coming weeks!


Might want to fix the spelling of Ubuntu ;) I've been using it for years as my main OS. Need to update this PC that is running Ubuntu Studio. They recommend a full re-install as there are some major changes this time, including a move to KDE for the desktop. I need to do a bit of preparation for that, i.e. backing stuff up.

Done :) It's so good I don't know how to spell it correctly.

Have you ever used the Ubuntu mobile? It was extremely limited release but perhaps Hive users may have tried this.

I have not used it. Some of the Ubuntu projects did not get very far, but I have used their PC Linux for years. It would be great to get more Linux users posting on Hive.