Got the PC back in action - temporary fix

in #technologylast year

I finally got my PC up and running again this week after being out of action for about a month. I managed to blow the graphics card whilst whizzing around Brands Hatch on Assetto Corsa. Yes, I was THAT fast.

This what things look like these days if I used my RTX2070 graphics card. You can see the "normal" screen when in Windows but with lots of noise. I guess I took the photo during a reboot hence it all being black.


I've been in contact with the manufacturer but they request all sorts of testing before they'll organise a return. Thankfully I have an old PC that the kids sometimes use which has a card that would use the same motherboard slot and power supply. That's what I'm using right now.

It's all a proper pain though and you certainly don't expect this from a card that at the time of purchase was around £560. That was in January 2019 and I think it's more than that now! I can see why people get into using consoles for gaming.

A quick internet search and it seems this is a frequent problem with RTX2070 and 2080 graphics cards. One of those times you can't help but wonder how on earth these issues weren't identified during testing.


That's a bummer. I know these cards can be serious money and you would expect them to work. Hope you can get something out of them.

I have an old PC that has no video output, but only has built-in graphics. I need to play with that some more as I'd like to get stuff off it or even use it again. I was using the Firewire port it has to convert video camera tapes.

I get the impression they'll be happy to replace it but of course you have to run through their standard script of stuff first. I could have lied but I learned a few things during the various tests.

There seems to be an increasing number of ways to utilise old PCs these days. I might end up using an old one to build a Linux web server to tinker with.