Machine Consciousness - For or Against?

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No doubt, this era has been met with insane and massive technological advancements. Many years ago, the things that were not thought to be possible have now seen cheap possibilities. One of the areas that have witnessed geometric advancement is the area of Artificial Intelligence. However, when it comes to Artificial Intelligence, there are areas that have been kept in the grey zone because of the obvious implications they will have on the human community. One of these areas is "Consciousness".

[Image Source: Pixabay. CC0 Licensed]

I read a particular research a few months back about an attempt to incorporate the human-level of consciousness and common sense into machines. Now before we continue, may I remind you that one of the sole purposes of AI is to simulate human intelligence in machine. "Intelligence" here may also refer to cognitive domain (relating to learning and knowledge) but there's also the efferent domain (relating to emotions) and the psychomotor domain.

One of the domains that have distinguished humans from machines is the efferent domain. Obviously, we have emotions and feelings but the question now is, with the speed at which the dividing line between humans and machines is blurring out, in few years from now, will "emotions and consciousness" be the absolute prerogative of humans alone?

I was watching a video interview with Sophia (the first humanoid robot to be granted country's citizenship) and I can only deduce that machines are not just evolving with the cognitive domain but with a touch of efferent domain. Have a look at this video of Sophia for better understanding.

Courtesy of CNBC

Asides this, I also read about the attempts by scientists towards creating Artificial Superintelligence (ASI). Just to be very clear, we are currently in Artificial General Intelligence (AGI). ASI is the proposed evolution of AI where machines will not just function fully independent of humans but will go beyond the human level of intelligence (cognitive, psychomotor and efferent).

Now someone will be quick to question the possibility of this but the step has already been heralded. A particular research was done where scientists created an AI that can code and design other AIs. You see, this is further pushing AI into full self autonomy.

I remember a particular prediction that was made by the renowned futurist and technology proponent, Ray Kurzweil, that very soon, humans will need to merge with machine so as to preserve the human race (possibly from extinction). Remember he was the futurist that talked about Technological Singularity. Here's a draft of his singularity prediction:

[Counting down to technological singularity. Source: Wikimedia Commons. Author: Ray Kurzweil. CC BY 1.0 Licensed]

The late professor of theoretical physics, Stephen Hawking, also made predictions about the advancement of AI. I mean, did they see what we are yet to see?

Okay I'm sure many of us know about Elon Musk (CEO Tesla, SpaceX). He once made a witty statement about the same AI but he went further to explain that:

... world war 3 will be triggered by the battle for superiority in Artificial Intelligence. Source

Now the question is; with the way technology is evolving and the fact that all these abilities are given to AI, how do we hope to control it when they finally evolve with full consciousness? Another question that will seriously pose a great challenge when AI evolves with full consciousness is "what edge will humans have if ASI is finally achieved"? I remember a humorous comment I once made that very soon, machines will be almost indistinguishable from humans.

Let's hear your opinions or reservations about incorporating consciousness in machines in the comment section.

You can also read about Superintelligence and singularity, and - Computer Consciousness

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Hi @samminator

AI is such an interesting subject and this is a lovely post.

Personally, I am still unsure if AI will be able to pick up some of the very human characteristics that we have been blessed with: self-awareness, conscience, imagination and free will.

AI, for example, can make decisions within a realm by learning from similar things. Imagination though uses unrelated things to find new unrelated patterns that inspire us to find solutions to problems that aren't obvious. We seem to be a long way from that currently but who knows what might happen in the future.

Thanks for sharing. Resteemed.

I agree with you that we are a long way from achieving a fully self-aware AI but it doesn't make it impossible. In the world of AI, I've totally removed "impossibility" because each time people say "impossible", they are almost always interrupted by people doing the impossible.

Many thanks for the comment and resteem buddy

I like to see how responsive you are buddy :)

I sometimes wonder if AI will become more human or will human become more like machines.

I am more excited about the latter. Can we augment our experiences more by technology? There are some really interesting experiments in this area. For examples, non-intrusive implants that extend the senses or provide information that the brain can somehow process to augment our memory or thinking. The worrying this would be how that could then be hacked to control or brain-wash us.

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Dear @samminator

It's indeed a fascinating time to live our lifes. Especially if we're interested with advancement of technology - also with it's risks and benefits.

AI should be somehow regulated. It's kind of scary that this market is fully unregulated across. It's also hard not to have an impression that within upcoming future, human intelligence will be nothing comparing to AI. Will we become slaves or "pets"? Just like dogs and cats are having their owners? Will AI own us (humans) and treat us like adorable but very silly beings? quite possible.

Obviously, we have emotions and feelings but the question now is, with the speed at which the dividing line between humans and machines is blurring out, in few years from now, will "emotions and consciousness" be the absolute prerogative of humans alone?

Good question. I sometimes wonder if AI will become more human or will human become more like machines.

Upvoted already,
Yours, Piotr

Exactly buddy. Proper regulations need to be put into place. I remember there are about 3 laws of AI and robotics stipulated by Isaac Asimov but how many of them are still implemented today. Well, I guess we all should brace up for impact.

Many thanks buddy

Hi dearest friend @samminator.

What a pleasant surprise!

Thank you for posting on Project Hope Hive. Welcome.
I see you like to write about technology. So, here you will feel at home.

Third World War? OMG !!!
I think we should say "The Last World War." Since surely nothing will be left after this.

The supremacy in AI will surely define who will have the best chance of survival. But looking at the current events, we can assume that the next war will be bacteriological, biological.

The human being has invested so many hours and millions of dollars in developing weapons of mass destruction, AI for war, robots that seem human. But currently there is a tiny microorganism that has shaken the nations.
There is no AI that can stop the coronavirus.

If more time and resources had been invested in preventing these types of situations and in developing technology that would allow these attacks to be fought, perhaps we were not living these times of death, so violent and sad.

ps: dear friend, you need to learn a little about our economy.

Your friend, Juan.

Actually, there's the nanotechnology that has the propensity to go mainstream. In my own opinion, even biology is now influenced by technology. Take for example; hybridoma technology and genetic engineering being merged with nanotechnology and a touch of AI, it's gonna be a whole new level of threat unleashed.

Many thanks for dropping by buddy.

Yeah, Piotr has put me through some things and has pointed me to the right direction

Your knowledge is extensive. It is an honor that you are here.

I think things needs to be slowed down a little bit because the more I read about artificial intelligence, the more scared I become to what the future holds for us in terms of technology.

Lol. In my opinion, I would not advocate for things to be slowed down. I only advocate that adequate regulations should be put in place to check the activities of AI. I'm sure humanity wouldn't want to see AI going rogue 😂

Thanks for coming around

We definitely do not want to see AI going down but you also know that there will always be adequate improvement which will result into even more acts in making those machines more like humans.

Consciousness should never be granted to robots, it is going to be disastrous.

Can that consciousness part be forever excluded?
I know i sound like one scary ass right now but the truth is, I cannot stop thinking of the possible damage it could cause.

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Many thanks buddy creativeblue

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