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RE: Account denied. Insurance denied. Ownership approved.

in #technology3 years ago

Pseudonymous != anonymous. Most of us know we can be found with varying degrees of effort. Anonymity is hard work and generally only people who are super paranoid or whose lives are literally in danger go to that degree.

Add the commentary of social media as narrative over the physical feedback, information from credit card and online purchases, and the model an insurance company, bank or government could hold may be highly accurate and give more insight into the condition and habits of a person than even that person knows about themselves.

Probably why banks corporations governments want to ban "phase out" that pesky cash stuff (it can be a bit of a nuisance to trace). Then they'll have full control over all the monies that exists and loads more big datas to work with :D (I think I had a dystopian story seed around this idea but it's not like it's an original one).