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RE: Dumbing Down of Children's Brains Linked to Increased Screen Time

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A few issues here. Firstly, it is a genuine battle that parents have to wage against the prevailing norms. My daughter sees all her peers glued to their screens and I have to constantly remind her to "look at the zombie retards" just to balance the propaganda.

To her credit, she actually seems to use her screen time to learn stuff. One unexpected result is that she is becoming a very good stage actress and can learn her lines with relative ease.

So such devices, such as tablets, can be useful but I still monitor the zombie-creep and delete any shit - which is rare as she knows I will delete it!

But this is all similar to many other dumbing down techniques such as the toxification of our whole environment. Again, I'm teaching her how to read ingredient labels and also important is for her to experience the difference.

I child who would normally have a healthy wholesome diet will, when pointed out, actually experience the distorted behaviour from junk food, sugar overdoses, aspartame, msg etc etc. Many kids are so seriously screwed that they prefer synthetic flavours to the real thing, to the point that the real thing no longer has that buzz. To the point they don't even perceive the harm coz their drug-dealing doctors will point the finger at the wrong cause.

One last point about electronic devices is that they are physically harmful. The EMF is damaging to all humans - the research is either suppressed or defunded or ignored. And yet, the biophysics shows us that EMF can interact with the brain and yet the propaganda will claim it doesn't. 100% evil lies. The published research goes back to the days of radar in the 1950s, so it is there, if one cares to look.

But as the zombies are too retarded to notice, they become a large part of the problem. I am less than optimistic. I checked and 5G will be rolled out experimentally here, in a business zone, but avoiding Bangkok... for now.


LOL "look at the zombie retards" :P

Tech and screens aren't de facto bad, but can be a void to get sucked into. The problem is really there for the children up to 7 years old I would say for their development. EMF is seriously undervalued as a health factor in our modern lives. EMF affects cells indeed. 5G is coming hard :/

mmm... dunno if just 7 year-olds - just look at the 27 year-olds!
The phonetards seem incapable of actually looking for info - all they do is ask: what's this? how do I X? where can I find Y? it's like their minds have shrunk to the size of their screens.
I hope 5G is really useless here - it is rubbish in the rain (that's how it's thermal effect on the body and microwave ovens work, by exciting water molecules - never mind the non-thermal resonance effects on other biochemical systems) so the best protection is to build a house from bottles of water. lol. then cover it in aluminium foil.

absorb and reflect :)

Partly, the water will absorb, yes, but the aluminium foil is a cheap way to create a Faraday cage. Try wrapping a mobile phone in bacofoil and it will no longer send or receive ;-)

Used to be the only vibrations were songs and dances and other soundscapes.

By the way I'd like to plug in
Enjoy it :) One of the better parts of the internet in modern times :)