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RE: Stars and Genomes: Why I Want Us to Remain Unmapped

in #technology2 years ago

I personally think that the vast unbalance in wealth is part of the problem. Sure Elon Musk's idea might be inspirational to some, but who is he to try to change something as fundimental to everyone's existence as the sky! A billionaire is who he is.

We live in difficult times - no wonder so many of us experience anxiety, depression and general sadness for the state of things.

This is true. To my mind this world is, and will continue to be, completely screwed when their is such inequality as to allow one person such power through wealth to make such insane changes, while other starve or die of diseases that are pretty much wiped out in other areas of the world.

Forget communism. The whole world needs to evolve beyond money as a concept sharpish... rant over ;-)


It is so arrogant. Another example of the west making decisions for everyone and money talking. How dare they! Rant away. I mean, who cares about homelessness or domestic violence or war when we all have internet?