Introducing Myself

in #technology2 months ago

Hello Hive and all communities,

I found Hive today and I am fascinated with its model. I am a father, husband, entrepreneur, cloud architecture,technologist,history buff, current events lover that enjoys discussing various topics from technology, politics, religion, sports, entertainment, relationships, spirituality, space travel, reincarnation and host of other topics.

I am strong believer that we all are here on earth to experience and continue to learn about topics, points of view that we don't know...learning is about thinking. This thought provoking attitude is key to all us learning different points of view and learning...thus after learning we all can contribute to mankind and that ultimately turns into action and changes in our lives and the lives of others...our families, friends,and others.

I am excited to have joined HIVE and I plan to post every week and in time plan to post more frequently.


Hey @provokethought! This is @indayclara from the @ocd team. Congratulations and welcome to Hive!

By the way, can you share to us how you discovered Hive or who introduced you to this platform?

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