10 Reasons to Use Zero Code Platforms for Enterprise App Development

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As the name pretty much denotes itself, no code platforms allow users to build complete apps through a visual development approach instead of having to write thousands of lines of complicated codes. Such platforms will spare you from the struggle of the traditional method that is a lengthy, complex, and resource-intensive process.

Developers can now create advanced, user-friendly, enterprise-level apps by dragging and dropping pre-configured, reusable building blocks without any technical knowledge. These platforms provide full governance to IT and enable users to access systems, data, and functionality. IT takes the required measures to secure and protect data as per the security policies of the company.

For business persons with no coding experience, no code platforms empower them with rapid application development to meet unique business requirements with whatever resources and talents they have today. Within large enterprises, no code development gears up the autonomy and authorization of non-development teams. They can now fulfill their own demands of enterprise applications without waiting around for IT.

With the benefits of zero code enterprise app development platforms, citizen developers without the skill or expertise in development or data science can create apps that can be integrated into your core systems. While alleviating the burden and pressure on IT and development teams, these platforms help eliminate the need to hire experts and purchase new apps, save resources and money, increase the overall pace of custom app development services, and execute complex tasks in a faster and more agile way.

10 Benefits of No-Code App Development Platforms

Since the past few years, the popularity of no code platforms has been rising profoundly. Especially, the Covid-19 pandemic has boosted its demand due to the speed and agility it provides to businesses. Hence, the benefits have proved to be the biggest blessing to enterprises by overcoming the underlying shortcomings of the traditional method.

There are a handful of benefits zero code application development can offer you that neither custom solution nor off-the-shelf software can fulfill. The upshot is the embracing of no code platforms by all types of companies.

Let’s go beyond the typical “ease and convenience” and walk through the salient benefits of no code app development platforms. Shall we?

1. It’s Real Fast

If you compare no code development with the coding process, you’ll understand the pace I mean here. An average, simple app will take no more than a few hours, and a complex enterprise app can take a few weeks at the most.

On the other hand, application development through the traditional method can take months (that can even extend as well) as you have to hand-code or manually write every single line of code.

Time is money in this world, and you should always use it wisely!

2. It’s Strikingly Easy

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – no code app builders and tools are extremely easy and convenient to use. You don’t need to have knowledge about coding and data science, and even a high school kid can use them as the tools are intuitively made and cut down on the learning process.

The tools mostly consist of drag and drop features enabling you to build any enterprise-level application simply. Since it’s all about visualizing, citizen employees can foresee in real-time what they are going to build and accordingly make needed changes.

3. No Room for Programming

This is perhaps the most astounding benefit of zero code application development. You don’t have to be a programmer or attend programming language classes to create a no code app. As enterprise apps can be built through configuration and graphical user interfaces, you only need to indulge yourself in visual programming languages.

So forget about writing those endless lines of codes and jump right ahead to develop your custom app on no code platforms!

4. Easy to Update

Unless you’re constantly upgrading your app by removing bugs, adding new features, and so on, it’s only a matter of time your app will lag behind. In the traditional method, changing or modifying an app takes a worthwhile amount of time and, thus, a very tedious process. You need to bring down the app quite a lot of time as well.

No code app builder is the rescuer here as it comes with no such restrictions. You can instantly add a new feature, even when the app is being used. Deploying changes is much faster than it was ever before, making these platforms truly handy and convenient.

5. One Person is Enough

What if you can enhance enterprise app development all by yourself, that too within hours? Wouldn’t that be cool? No code platforms will let you do so. Let a skilled citizen employee do the trick so that you don’t have to spend a large chunk of your budget behind hiring a team of expert developers.

This way, your in-house IT professionals can take over other critical tasks while citizen developers can focus on the required enterprise apps.

6. Swift Pivoting

When I say pivoting, I mean changing the audience or market of the app. After building the app, if there’s a change in consumer behavior or you want to target a different audience group, you can easily change the target market without involving developers. It won’t incur any additional expense as well!

7. Easy and Quick Maintenance

Because of the complications involved, the maintenance of an app is quite an intimidating task. But in the no code world, it’s the other way around. Zero code application development makes maintenance super handy with its reporting and monitoring feature. Citizen employees can easily monitor app workflows and track their efficiency at all stages.

There’s comparative monitoring as well that enables you to compare the performance of your app with that of others. In addition, no code platforms have an integrated multilayered security framework allowing secured flows of data. Hence companies can develop enterprise apps in accordance with global standards and industry regulations.

8. Reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Using no code platforms, you can notice the drastic reduction in development time and efforts that eventually lead to a lower ownership cost. For outsourcing resources, it’s a very cost-effective substitute, allowing businesses to keep pace with the requirements of digital transformation as well as to lower down the pressure on their IT teams.

9. Personalized Enterprise App Development

Enterprise app is all about catering to the needs and demands of in-house employees. Zero code platforms let employers do that in the easiest way. For instance, if an employee is colorblind, the employer has the opportunity to build a custom app with specific color schemes or include different themes. You won’t find such an extent for personalization in generic enterprise apps.

Therefore, compared to the off-the-shelf software, no code enterprise app development platforms can offer a better employee experience. Organizations can maintain a consistent look for all their enterprise apps as well by selecting certain UI elements, such as navigation, app layout, color schemes, and icons.

10. Building Application Platform as a Service (APaaS)

Generally, developers need to program different apps for different platforms, and operating systems, like iOS, Android, etc. Trust me, this is a mind-numbing task that takes a big chunk of time from every developer’s plate.

Zero code platforms enable you to build an Application as a Service that allows end-users to gain access to enterprise apps through their browser. Business owners now leverage the power of APaaS and create a single platform-independent app for all the employees. Additionally, with the help of cloud servers, these apps can be easily integrated into complicated business systems as well.

Winding Up!

Let’s get back to the question I asked at the beginning – Who develops enterprise applications? With no code app development platforms, can we now say the answer is ‘anyone’? I certainly think so!

Computer codes are the core of any application, but that’s not the case with developers. There are many reputed companies worldwide that provide incredibly useful custom application development solutions through zero code platforms. As no code revolution is taking every industry by storm, an user-friendly, easy-to-use metadata development framework is the need of the hour.

So, is zero code the future of enterprise application development? It certainly seems so. Stop coding and start visualizing now!