28th December: My Kinda Innocents' Childermas Day.

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¿The Triumph Of The Innocents?

To tell the truth, after some unfortunate incidents this previous 28th of December. I am really not much in a wordy or very talkative mood this twennynine. So, I will make this post rather short using my own words.

But what even so, this doesn't mean this post will lack of profusely dense and important information through the links embedded in all the pictures and colored phrases next, of which you really should know about.

I heartily reckon you shouldn't lose the opportunity to exercise a little bit more your clicking finger this time.

Let's start then.


Yeah! start clicking right now!!

Smartphones and tablets are enabling a new way to work – anywhere, anytime – and the benefits to our businesses almost always outweighs the risks to carry on with us our tech gadgets everywhere all the time.

I've lost my mobile phone yesterday. It was stolen and stealthy subtracted without violence from my jacket' pocket while I was travelling standing in a bus of public transport which was replete and full of passengers.

Yeah! not quite yet like India, but maybe soon.

Oh yeah, I'm sure that during these holiday days of the end of the year, I suspect you can already imagine the agglomerations of people and these awful scenes everywhere.

The bad news are. That not always you can be alert of what happens in your surroundings, all the time, under the heat, the pressure, the stress and the urge of this sort of circumstances. You are mostly off guard.

And well, that was more or less how it began and ended that short episode of this long story yet to culminate.


Losing your mobile phone or smartphone not only does it cut off your access to the rest of the world, but nowadays your mobile phone is basically the most personal device you own. And obviously, replacing it is gonna be a costly nuisance too.

But above all, the idea of someone strange having access to your most important and confidential data as email accounts, social media credentials and logs, banking apps, financial assets, crypto wallets'n'stuff & the rest of your personal info is downright scary.

"Honey Stick Project"

¿Wreaks Of Financial Havoc?

SIM swapping

Most people’s smartphones hold a wealth of information about the user. This data is remarkably easy to access, should a phone fall into the wrong hands.

The simplest way to protect it is with a device password, but 62 percent of smartphone owners don’t password-protect their devices, and 32 percent have auto sign-in for banking and financial websites. In these cases, losing a phone is tantamount to handing control of your bank account to an absolute stranger.

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

Your Android smartphone will totally work without a SIM card. In fact, you can do almost everything you can do with it right now and without having to pay a carrier anything or using a SIM card. All you need is Wi-Fi (internet access), a few different apps and a device to do whatever common use and purpose you want.

Well yeah. Not a great Innocents Day for me yesterday. And yes, by fortune the mobile phone I've lost was not a smartphone but an ancient and very lousy dumbass Nokia phone.

Oh! you betcha that currently in my country you can't afford strut these days through the congested streets holding a kinda more expensive mobile phone than a very basic toy like the one that was stealthily stolen from me.

Nonetheless, the loss of the SIM card with my long held phone personal number... It's actually a true kick in the balls and an authentic pain in the ass if you will try to get a quick replacement thru these Christmas holidays.

Anyway, this story in progress will continue...

And to close this post now. Let's just add a couple of my always well received:

«-'Abstract Aural Bits'-»

"Jethro Christmas Song"

¡Focus! ¡Focus! ¡Focus!


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Hello Por500bolos,

I was looking through your post and couldn't find the Reggae Music or Caribbean specific content. Please use the JAHM tag for your posts that are related to the Caribbean, Jamaica or Reggae music.

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Ha! what else more Caribbean than living in Vzla and lose your mobile phone by theft travelling on a crowded bus on Christmas?

Do you wanna Reggae music in my post?

Then, Take some Reggae!!!