Mathematically Impossible for Biden to Receive more than 8 Votes per Hour

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In Philadelphia and Pennsylvania dead voters have been making votes somehow. Rudy J. Describes the charges against the pole counters and police coercion that took place in voting centers in Pennsylvania & Arizona.

The machine that verifies the votes can verify a maximum of 8 ballots per hour. The testimony will include math evidence that the democratic vote counters produces more than 8 ballots per hour on top of the coercion of Republican vote counters.

The republican vote counters were forced to stand 60 meters away from counters at farthest and the nearest they were allowed is 15 meters. Far too far away to count the ballot.

There has been threats against Republican poll counters and that just shows the true nature of how toxic the democratic party is. As a Canadian I fear a future with a leader as irresponsible as Joe Biden, if this voter fraud is not acknowledged I am not sure I will ever return to visit America, it seems very toxic and dangerous for white men like me who have a firm belief that responsibility and macroeconomics will save a nation, not protests or childish unions of unorganized sociopaths who cheat to win.


Well we have seen so much fraud and fraud systems coming from the Democratic party especially with the 2016 loss of Hillary Clinton which ironically was projected as the landslide winner.

How any American could vote for creepy Joe is beyond me. In fact most Americans are so horrified by his crimes How could a majority vote for him.

Especially with the hunter Biden laptop scandal coming out and completely proving it even though vice President Joe Biden is on video admitting this behavior.

Especially let's talk about his stance on gun control. Which would cost Americans massive amounts of money as well as the b******* drama of registration which is a clear step that happens before they're admitted complete banning.

There is absolutely no way that this election is fair and the behavior of quite a few election sources is starting to get pretty interesting.

I for one and getting pretty upset and want the fraud to end. And the rest of America is going to demand some accountability shortly.

lol lets just say i like the deepweb as much as we do google maps and I know exactly what black mail is coming joes way, regardless of what the truth really is, that creep is too much of a push over to accomplish anything, we already have a little man child running Canada who is dominated by his emotions to the point we question his mental health.

Uh-oh yes third hard drive would be problematic.

The watermarks coming out here shortly.

What I find pretty amazing is how easy it was for a trap to be set during this election to catch fraud.

If this is the case hang on a minute we are going to have some huge moves coming up.

I for one highly am suspicious of this entire election.

since there is no good source i will sound crazy, but all the pedo stuff is just a diversion for libtards who end up becoming conservatives if they dive too deep on the #pizzagate tag, its a psy op and most are too stupid to interpret it.

The real purpose of this psy campaign is to divert from the mask, political correctness, and the obvious #covid-19 (bass drop, party starts)... When its time for covid to become the dialect again, we will see #3rddrive #3hdd and shit like that start to trend because the shock value of the contents of that disc are what the Republicans plan to use as a stimulus for a anti joe status quo, just like with hillary but joe was a little more hooked up.

Actually you could always look up the DeCamp memo as well as the Seville issue as well.

So absolutely this is a real thing and we will end up seeing what happens.

I for one foresee an interesting current of events coming here in just a second.

lol Bitcoin be like 🤑 during this uncertainty!

It just took an 11% turn down

lol if everyone else is running there mouth i guess so will I lol

Screenshot 107.png

How is joe more hooked up than shillary one might wonder, perhaps his 20% interest in his sons business ventures in china, that is partnered with the chinese spy chief of intelligence would attest to this display of financial power.

Joe's boys bought out Fox news, just think about that for a second.

Rudy Giuliani has claimed many things over the last few years. I’ve yet to see any of his claims turn out to be factual.

Okay, still waiting for those facts before I believe a word you said.

You don't need many facts when you have 25-50 witness testimonies to democratic ballot counters wouldn't let them perform their legal duty.

So you're not a Biden fan..

I already denounced Canada as a communist sympathizer so if you missed that, I hate Canada and think its a communist tyranny trying to prevent me from moving to another country like Iceland so I can enjoy my life without degenerate politics managed by children.

Not a fan of manipulation of user data. Including data from elections.

Most people from Canada don't want to see a Biden presidency because Trump is the only who has kept China on their heels.

Do you follow Canadian politics much?

It would be very obvious why we don't like Chinese Communism here in Canada, and a reason Trudeau pussy foots around them depending on Trump to contest their human rights violations that Canadians aren't brave enough to engage.

I don't follow much.. however I have heard Trudeau is a pussy

we get the cold shoulder from China, Brazil, and then Trump looks like a deer in head lights when he sees trudeau "Oh no our allies pussy leader, i should run" is probably what trumps thoughts are, its like a status downgrade to be in the room with Trudeau

To be honest, I think they're all toxic. The whole political system.
I see it in my own country each day. A bunch of old dudes fighting among each other about who will be the one to ensure a good "future". How are people who's whole lives are behind them in the past going to be focused on future?

The way I see it, as a Canadian, is Trump is the only one keep China from violating more Canadian citizens rights, because our government is too passive aggressive to deal with China.

Trump isn't making the actual decisions I think, he's more of a frontman, while other party leaders talk real strategy. China is another f-cked up problem though. We have them all around us here as well, and the government is selling the country to them, piece by piece.

Its Mike Pompeo and Jared Kushner, who I follow more than trump.

Jared Kushner did the middle east peace deal that no presidential cabinet has been able to achieve in the history of US politics. Peace between arabs and jews for trade is very impressive.

I didn't know this much. Makes sense then, if it's true.
The more you know.

Jared Kushner hails from 666 5th Ave NY and is a true unspoken hero of democracy and peace.

Sure we can speculate on economics, but it was war before we had the option to speculate about arab and jewish trading. So i can live with outcome, thanks Jared.

The opposition doesn't really get to react because they never loose anything, they just get to complain about political bias.

This is why I try to follow news from both sides.
If you follow just one, you will always get onesided information.

666 5th Ave NY

That location number though. 😅

religious pluralism is a fundamental value of the temple of satan. People may be surprised at how open minded and compassionate satanists are.

Funny fact he almost went bankrupt to buy that location and paid twice the market rate for a building that size in NY.

Mike Pompeo is the one spear heading the Federal States of China. He has an agent Steven Bannon in with the China TV companies pushing their agenda to attract dissidents from Chinese communism. Pompeo convinced Taiwan to partner on the Federal States of China in support of removing the CCP from power.

I support this mission 100%

Good is a judeo-christian invention, via the interpretation of duality, I will remind you.

I guess Joe Biden does not believe in the rule of law.