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We surely know by now that we live in the age of digital evolution and things are changing really fast, we are left to decide if we are going to be among the category of people who will benefit from the great evolution or fall within the category of the other set of people who may just find their way in between. New industries are rising really fast and it is advisable for us to get acquainted with those companies and then realize the best places to focus our energy as well as our resources for the benefit of the future.

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IOT (Internet of Things).

Everything about our lives is getting connected to the internet, our household appliances and even moving vehicles has something to do with the internet. Gone are those days when we will go online for a second and get back to our normal offline lives, everything including shopping and entertainment are on the internet now so there is no room for offline sections.

Artificial Intelligence.

The industry of artificial intelligence is ever growing and getting more interesting by the day, it covers various sector of individuals building up relationships with machines and these machines being able to get into our everyday lives to make even decisions for us. This is a growing sector that we need to look up to and a good one to invest both our time and energy into.

Cyber security.

A much as we are getting our lives connected to the internet every day, scammers are also not finding it easy with people as they are looking for ways to steal people’s resources and funds increasingly, the cyber security industry is growing to fight very hard against scammers and as long as there is an exposure to the internet, the cyber security industry will remain relevant.

Drone technology.

Drone is becoming a frequently more used item as journalists and delivery companies make use of them regularly, the technology of drone will soon be used as a systematic aid that will help deliver a high level of relief to sick victims.

Robotic relationships.

The level of robotic development these days are getting people so scared that it may just replace their jobs but then robotics is nothing of sort, according to experts robots will work hand in hand with humans in order to make regular and difficult tasks very easy for humans to handle.

Renewable energy.

With the discovery of how much human activities are getting the environment polluted, solar has become a better method of getting the world light up and there is so much energy and investment going into the solar system at the moment.


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