Ben Goertzel - AI WORLD

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Another great podcast provided by Lex Fridman who seems to be outperforming everyone in the podcast world. Holy shit, he might be the new Rogan.

The guest of the podcast was Ben Goertzel, founder of Singularity net and one of the greatest minds in the Artificial intelligence community. Talking about the meaning of life, physics, quantum mechanic, AI in general, etc.

You know he is one of those people who you can listen to 20 hours without feeling bored or anxious. Brainstorming about life, business, blockchain, and technology gives you pretty much good insight in the way this guy thinks.

Best four hours spent in the last few days.

You get to increase your IQ after watching this guy talk.


It's always worth spending your time listening to people talk about things of great value and intelligence like Ben Goertzel. Thanks for sharing this with the community.

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sorry for the late response, but yeah I agree. Especially if take into account what is being served to us on the mainstream media, LOL.

Smile it's okay.

Thanks for the reply.