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RE: Would You Get An Optional Neuralink Implant?

in #technology2 years ago

Such technologies enter our life with our blessing. We may even pay for them. Case in point is Amazon's Alexa. It was reluctantly allowed in my home as a gift for my bed infirmed 96 year old mother for her to be able to manage music listening.

Well the other night while sitting with her Alexa suddenly asked, "Is that you Dan?" It caught me so off guard that my answer was "Yes". It then asked me to repeat two sentences so that it could better learn my voice. Coming to my senses at that point they were repeated in goobly-gook. After pressing compliance a couple of more times Alexa just dropped it and went quiet.

So basically Alexa wants to know when it is me for sure while listening in to the conversations of the room/house. Gamers will probably pay for the inplant.


That is creepy as hell im so glad I don’t have one of those voice assistant thingies! I have no doubt people will line up to get chipped to solve just about anything they can think of you can see how willing people are to spend on any pill or instant fix