A small review and my impressions of the Samsung Z fold 2 and 3.

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Some time ago I wanted to write a personal review first about the Z FOLD 2 phone and then a comparison with the Z FOLD 3 so here it is.

I will admit that I have loved gadgets since I was a child and I am a real fan of new technologies. In the past, I spent a lot of time reading about the latest computers, phones, and other technologies and dreamed of trying them out. I knew all the details about the newest miracle devices, but their price immediately shattered my hopes of owning and trying these gadgets. Finally, I have enough income to afford to buy these miracles. Well if more precisely at least some of them. Ironically, I'm no longer obsessed with reading technology magazines and reviews. So I almost have to slap myself when I accidentally come across a really innovative device and realize that I haven't even heard of it.

And that's how FOLD 2 and his successor came into my possession. My review will be based more on my feelings about using these phones than a report on gigabytes and other subtle technical nuances. You can find it on google.

I will start by always using the service provided by LMT (Latvian Mobile Phone) - phones with an open contract. My previous Galaxy Note 20 Ultra was approaching 9 months (the time when the phones could be returned and get new in that place) but of course, it fell off and the glass of the screen was broken shortly before the time of return. This has happened to me with almost all phones, so another service I always take from LMT is phone insurance. In my case, it has certainly paid off several times.

It's been 9 months and I wanted to replace my phone with something new, but this time I didn't really know what to replace it. The new Note hadn't been released yet, I wasn't really interested in phones from other brands, but Z Fold 2 ads were very active everywhere at that time. Until several years ago, when the new proprietary technology with Samsung's patented folding screens appeared, I couldn't wait for such phones and tablets to go on sale. It seemed like an unrealistic technology for the future, but over time all the news fell silent. And then suddenly Samsung announces that the future is here - the Z Fold with a foldable screen came out. As the first generation technology, this phone was not ready for everyday use, so I decided to seriously consider only the second generation model - Z Fold 2. It was at this point that I needed a new phone, this model reminded me everywhere and I remembered my previous passion for foldable phones. At first, I was deterred by the price of these phones, but I thought - and decided to test the Galaxy Z Fold 2.

Honestly, I was really disappointed at first. The big screen was cool, but you had to open the phone first to get to it. I didn't feel comfortable doing this, so at first, I mostly did all the urgent things on the small screen of the phone. But in this form, this device is simply a very heavy and thick block with too narrow a screen. It reminded me of the good old Nokia 3310 - a phone not only for making calls but also for untying beer. Due to its thick screen and high weight, the Galaxy Z Fold 2 was more like a successor to this legendary Nokia phone than a gadget of the future.

Over time, I got used to the procedure of opening the big screen and it opened up a whole new world for me. Larger keyboard, simultaneous opening of 2 programs, giant photo gallery. I felt the future had arrived. Okay, this phone didn't have the so-called pen I was so used to with Note phones. However, when you wanted to watch Youtube or something else in video format, I could enjoy it on a 2x bigger screen than a standard smartphone. And I started watching such videos more and more often. I even took a TV subscriber to see sports games especially if I wasn't at home. And with this phone, I was able to easily track where the ball or puck is. At the same time, this advantage can be added to the disadvantages of this phone, because I notice that I started to spend more and more of my time on the phone, watching Youtube, TikTok videos, sports shows, or other TV shows.

And now a slight deviation from my story.

Even at the time of writing this review of the Samsung Z fold 2 and 3, I am at work and unfortunately, however, I would like to end my review in one post with all the work both at home and on the farm I don't have enough time for that. So more of my thoughts about these phones you can be read in another part of this story soon.

To be continued...

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Picture source: pexels.com


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