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RE: Was this post WRITTEN BY MACHINE? New Harvard AI Can Recognize That

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Thank you for your comment dear @machnbirdsparo. I really appreciate it a lot. I'm sorry for such a late reply, but I were on holidays and had very limited access to Internet.

They sought to develop a streamlined AI that can search the Internet and discern between text that satisfies the criteria for a story.

Wow, I would never come up with such application of AI. I'm curious how efficient such solution was.

My rational is that AI programing being based on Websters and Oxford dictionaries. Logistical applications to defined language would yield such a result.

Indeed, that may be the case


At the time I investigated this for a client (year ago or so) there were issues, but the company was committed and did make some progress. I also saw it as a piece of the AI puzzle, not a foreseen stand alone venture.