How You Can Still Check the Dislikes on Any Video (at least for now) - No Longer Working

in #technologylast year (edited)

Random quick tip, you can still check the dislikes on YouTube videos while using NewPipe. As you can see in the screenshots in the video, it is still displaying the dislike amounts as apposed to the YouTube app. I dunno if this is going to be patched by YouTube at some point, or if it’s just some API that hasn’t been updated yet, but it’s still working for now.

Now, NewPipe is an open source (Android only) YouTube video client. While I know that sounds like something only Google would be permitted to make, think of it as a web browser specially designed for viewing the YouTube website. It has some serious benefits alongside some notable drawbacks, but if you really care about dislikes then you might want to check it out.

That said, however, it’s not on Google Play as Google won’t allow any apps that would replace Google’s YouTube app. Instead, you can find it on the F Droid store, which provides only open source apps. If this is the first time you are hearing about them and want to check out, I recommend researching NewPipe and F Droid on YouTube or your favorite search engine (as much as I can vouch for them I’d also never recommend downloading software solely on the word of a stranger).

Regardless, hope you enjoyed this random tidbit of information.