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RE: Frustrated with Siri? Upgrade to “Siri-Pro” with ChatGPT!

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I would like to read how your experience has been when you install it, especially with text creation. For some countries and for some people, artificial intelligence is coming at a morrocoy pace (I'm just getting started in image creation with Midjourney). I have read very positive things about ChapGPT, but also many negative things. In Venezuela there is a new modus operandi to steal and that is to clone some accounts and impersonate other people. I have read that this is a disadvantage of ChapGPT: it can store private information that can be used by others. Anyway, even if we don't like to admit it: What will be the future of artists, in this case, writers? Will they be dragged to oblivion or, on the contrary, will they make an excellent "mix" with A.I. and creativity will reach extraordinary and unthinkable levels? It will dawn and we will see. An excellent Monday to you, Eric!


I totally agree. Any tech has positives and negatives but AI such as ChatGPT will have greater positives and negatives than any other technology that's ever existed...except for maybe nuclear fusion. Most people have no clue what impact this will have on humanity and how quickly things will change. Thank you Nancy! Enjoy your week!