ecoTrain QOTW s7.9: Which technologies have had a positive influence on your life?

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Technology has always been progressive and beneficial, it is just how we put it to use matters. There have been pros and cons for all the technology use, because at largely it is being manipulated and misused. Whether it is the invention of Radio, T.V., Mobile phones or any other gadgets it has been useful in so many ways. It is a fact that Technology has been rapidly advancing in the past 20 years and it is also difficult to keep up with the pace. But one needs to identify how much one needs and then get access to only that much.

Being away from family now makes Mobile Phone the most important instrument in my life. I remember before the invention of Mobile phones, overseas communication was always a challenge and not only the accessibility but the affordability as well. Today it is like talking next door at a very minimal cost. Even being away from the family I do not feel much of that pressure, because it is so simple to make video calls whenever you want.

The invention of Laptops make lives all the more simpler. Today I can work from any part of the world without worrying about accessibility. Work does not stop for me even if I am travelling.


I though do not make much use of Technology so I do not even bother to find out what all is new in the trends. I also enjoy watching Television, my favorite things to watch on Television are related to Travel, Lifestyle and Cookery shows, there is so much that we can learn from these shows, like new recipes, interior designing for your homes, new places you can explore by sitting at home and then based on that I can take a decision if I would like to visit the place in real or not.

If I have to talk about the Social Media invention, which also to an extent I believe is good, but it all depends on how one uses it. They are good to promote your small time home businesses, they are good to stay connected with your family and friends. I have been able to connect with a lot of my school friends and then even if do not meet we stay connected with each other. The one thing that I do not support is putting too much of your personal information on these sites. I use the YouTube channels for Meditation purpose. There are loads of Meditation music available out there.

The other invention that I like a lot is the GPS, Many years back if we had to travel to a new place, we would have to keep asking for directions, but now you can travel independently. I remember many years back on one of my trip to Switzerland, I was stuck in one place where I was finding a big challenge to get my way out, people around were only talking in swiss and I was unable to understand the language, it was a struggle to get to my destination. Today I can just put the location on the tracker and I will reach the right place without any hassle. Since me and hubby travel a lot, this is the best thing I can say that has happened.


The invention of Pendrive, CDs, all these data storage devices are another one good thing. It is so simple to store data rather than having all of it on papers. Whether it is music which can be handy when you are travelling or whenever you want or storage of photographs or any other information, all of it becomes convenient with these small and easy to manage storage devices.

Last but not the least and the most important of today's time, the Blockchain Technology which has changed lives of many and mine too. If not for these decentralized platforms I would have not been here writing my blogs and earning from it. The invention of the Cryptocurrency, which is and opportunity to change my life has been the biggest positive influence in my life.

I am not too much into gadgets, so I only use these basic ones, and on my phone also I do not download many Apps. I like to keep it simple. There are always 2 sides of the coin and so does each one of these too, it depends on us how we want to use Technology.

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Rightly said, technology has been developed for our betterment, its on us how we use it and make the best of it.

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True, if we make a mindful use of it, it is very beneficial and progressive