Why do we receive lot of spam emails and how to avoid them?

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Today, almost everyone is familiar with the use of the internet and electronic mail or e-mail. Electronic mail is a very effective means of exchanging messages between people, who use electronic devices or computers. Every day, tens of thousands and millions of people send e-mail messages, and every person who uses e-mail receives countless unsolicited messages daily.

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These irrelevant messages are called spam emails. Receiving spam emails is a reality like many other bitter realities of life that can neither be avoided nor chased away. Now the question arises how and why so many spam emails are received in our inbox?

Before we know why spam emails are received, it is important to know how spammers, who send these emails, access our emails. Unfortunately, in this world of technology, accessing someone's email is very easy. A large number of published e-mail addresses are circulating on the Internet. Spammers download these emails and start sending spam emails.

There is also the possibility that our emails may be found on various e-mail search websites and small programs running forums. These small programs look for specific text patterns that include "@" & ".com" or ".net" symbols. If an e-mail of this particular pattern is identified, the program saves it.

There are many more ways to get emails for spammers. For example, if our computer or smartphone is infected with a virus, the virus first accesses our address book and records them. This increases the chances of receiving spam emails overnight.

The problem with getting an email address this way is not just for a few people but for big companies as well. By gaining access to the e-mails of these big companies, these e-mails are sold on dark web, which can lead to non-compensation loss for these companies.

It is unfortunate that whenever we give our e-mail to a website, an individual or an organization, we are at increased risk of receiving spam mails. Sometimes spammers search for emails with a mix of famous names and if the e-mail is in use it is taken away. So if your e-mail is a combination of a well-known name and a well-known e-mail service such as Gmail, Yahoo or Outlook, your chances of getting spam e-mail increase.

Now the question arises why spammers spam. The reason is very simple. Spammers send spam emails to make money. This is a huge business in the world of technology. They send such emails to thousands of people. Out of these thousands, if they get the answer to even a few, they succeed in their goal.

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To avoid these spam emails, we need to unnecessarily avoid putting our email addresses on the Internet. Business people should not post their employees' emails on the company's websites. Otherwise, an email address set up on an unsafe internet site cannot be protected from spammers in any way. If we receive the spam email, it must be immediately reported and sender should be blocked.

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There really isn't a good way to protect a email address. So, the best solution is to have multiple email addresses and to abandon the addresses that get compromised.

Set your email browser so that it doesn't show images. Spammers use the images to track the emails. Never click on links in unsolicited emails.

Do not press the "unsubscribe" button on unsolicited email as spammers use the unsubscribe button to verify that an address is active.

BTW, it is also good to check the headers of suspicious emails. It is possible for spammers to forge the return address.