The most dangerous part of the internet

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It is a fact that the advent of the Internet has revolutionized the human way of life, socialization, and science and education. The Internet has greatly enhanced information and communication as well as social networking and has had a positive impact on people's lives. Its negative effects also seem to violate the values ​​and traditions of nations and religious and social laws. The vast world of the internet is proving to be a poison for humanity as it is in the hands of people with negative roles.

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There are billions of Internet users around the world who are connected to it in various ways. Whether it's social networking sites or online banking systems, security systems or defense systems, everyone is connected to the Internet in some way. The use of the Internet is of great importance in the field of education and economic and social development.

When the average user of the Internet uses the Internet for any purpose, he or she uses Google or various search engines and uses the extension of part of the Internet is accessible and accessible to all people and everyone benefits in their own way.

The other part of the Internet world is known as the Deep Web. This section covers various IT companies, online banking data, the exchange of confidential documents of various defense agencies and the high profile data of governments. In this section only the desired person with his identity and password can access only the desired content. This part of the internet is also of great importance.

The world's third largest and most secure part of the Internet is called the Dark Net. This part is a haven for criminal elements around the world. Since 2007, the number of users of this segment has increased dramatically. At present, the number of its users worldwide is in the tens of millions.

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There is also a community in the world of the Internet that is not accessible through a regular browser. The community is involved in drug trafficking, arms trafficking and the exchange of forged documents around the world, as well as all kinds of illegal activities. They have been involved in the slave trade and the sale and purchase of human organs for a long time.

The way these people deal is so secure and mysterious that even the biggest security agencies and cyber crime cells fail to track them down. These people are very careful in their dealings. And after a thorough investigation from all over the world, they make trustworthy people a part of their community.

Accessing the Dark Web is not easy. Access to the Dark and Deep Web is almost impossible using ordinary search engines and browsers. Special types of browsers are required for this purposes i.e. Tour and Onion browsers. Access to the Dark Web is only possible through the desired address and password after contacting the admin of the desired website.

The most dangerous and mysterious part of the Dark Web is the dark or red rooms. This section shows live murder, looting and sexual abuse of children. People who have a lot of money and suffer from mental illness are happy to see other people in trouble and for this purpose, they pour money like water and demand torture of their choice to satisfy their sense of pleasure. Regular bids are made to show live scenes of sexual abuse of minors, and those who pay more are shown sex in the desired manner.

This section is called Pedophilia or Violent Porn Industry. Scenes of people's throats and wrists as well as amputation of all body parts are also shown live on the pages. People who watch these dangerous and heartbreaking scenes are only eligible to join after paying the required amount.

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In the Dark Web, human trafficking and all crimes are compensated and remitted in digital currency, i.e. bitcoin and various cryptocurrencies. It is not even in the hands of government agencies to monitor it. Nor can anyone take any action or take legal action regarding its transaction as it is an independent currency.

Some people demand that the Dark Web should be banned. They should keep in mind that confining the Dark Web or any kind of modern technology to a limited circle is not an easy task nor is it an easy task to completely eradicate these elements.

We need to guide our young generation in the right way and build their minds according to their high values ​​and traditions so that they can keep pace with the times and fight against the anti-religious elements of the country and religion.

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