The Internet has reduced the tendency to read books in our society

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In today's modern age, the internet has become a necessity for people all over the world. If the Internet were to be removed from our lives, it would be difficult to maintain the various necessities of life, especially communication. Man has become accustomed to the conveniences of internet and now he cannot live without them. It would not be wrong to say that the Internet has become an important part of human life.

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According to an estimate, more than three billion people worldwide are connected to the Internet. Among the Asian countries, China, India and Japan are ranked first, second and third respectively in terms of internet. That is why today there is a war going on between the companies providing internet services and these companies are trying to provide the best possible services.

The Internet is being used in all matters of business, communication, advertising, banking, information or promotion of various things. People are doing business worth billions of rupees daily, with the help of internet. With the advancement of technology, there has been an increase in social media trends.

The Internet has also been very useful for the student community. Students create university and college assignments on a computer and then communicate with each other via emails or other Internet means. This makes it easier to discuss education and keep students in touch with teachers. Universities, especially virtual universities, have started providing education through internet. In this way, the working class has also got the opportunity to get education.

Thanks to the Internet, the new door of e-learning has also been opened through this which has made the student needless of the traditional teacher. Attempts have been made to provide all the pedagogical features that are present in the education received by a teacher in this e-learning. The finer points are explained. There is no doubt that this has created some flaws in the education system but its usefulness prevails over them.

Unlike all the benefits, there are some disadvantages of using the internet. The Internet has reduced the tendency to read books in society. According to a private TV report, books have been replaced by the Internet. People now prefer to read books, magazines and novels on the internet instead of going to shops and libraries.

People get all the new and old books through the internet at home. This saves people time and money. Book lovers are always on the lookout for good books, they always love to read good and interesting books everywhere, but unfortunately with the huge increase in book prices, the tendency to buy books is decreasing as compared to the past. It has now seen a decrease in the number of booksellers in bookstores.

Our young generation does not have time to read books, but they are good at internet chatting and texting day and night, due to which the habit of reading is disappearing. The reason for the decline in book reading is not only the internet but also computers and mobile phones.

Since the use of these modern means by the people has increased, the book and its importance have decreased. That is why our young people lack the taste for reading, which is to some extent dependent on the Internet, computers and mobile phones. The Internet, computers and mobile phones play a vital role in misleading our young generation. Although e-learning or e-education facilities have been provided through the internet, the youth are engaged in other wasteful uses of the internet instead of availing these facilities.

It is a fact that no school and educated society can live without the need for books. It is said that the book is very old and man's best friend, and it also adds immensely to man's knowledge, skill and mental capacity and creates self-awareness and awareness of the circumstances and events around him.

The Internet is called an e-library where all kinds of information and books are stored. One can read any book through the internet whenever one wants but all these things are for those who can read, write and gain knowledge.

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There are very few people in today's young generation who take advantage of all these facilities, for most book awareness is limited to books only. There is a need to promote book culture, reduce the price of books so that it is easy for the common man to get affordable and quality books and to strengthen the importance and habit of reading among the poor and especially the younger generation.

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@munawar1235 I agree completely. But how do younger people learn the value of something that takes more time to get involved with? Wade Davis said a language is like an old growth forest. More of a different way to perceive the world than just a set of different words for the same ideas. I believe books are in a similar way valuable for what they offer, allowing the reader to see through the eyes of another. They allow the imagination to participate, since you visualize what you are reading. There is a value in that, something that you don't get from scrolling through endless facebook posts.