How big data is impacting different fields of our life?

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In today's computerized world, the digital footprint of everything we do are left behind, which later we or others use. It is such a large repository of information that it cannot be handled by commonly used database programs. This invaluable information is called big data. Big data has changed the way we do business and it is affecting many parts of our lives.

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So much data is being aggregated for two reasons. One reason is that all the functions of the world are being computerized. Second, because our ability to process information and draw analytical conclusions is growing. Let us now analyze the sources of information in detail.

Regular digital records of even our simplest actions, such as digital data for music and book reading, are being preserved and is constantly growing. Our smartphones keep track of how we use them. Web browsers monitor our online searches and provide information for analysis. Credit card companies keep track of where we shop and shopkeepers keep track of what we buy. Now it is difficult to imagine what kind of work is not being recorded. Our conversation is also protected. It started with e-mail but now in addition to Facebook and Twitter, conversations on our phone are also recorded in some cases.

Think of the images we store on our smartphones and then share on social media sites. CCTV cameras record videos and then hundreds of hours of videos are uploaded to YouTube and other sites. There are hundreds of different types of sensors that record and share information that we don't even know about. For example, smart TVs, smart watches, smart refrigerators, smart alarms and all such items are now part of the Internet of Things.

The use of big data has led to pleasant changes in our lives. Companies use social media, browser and sensor data to understand the needs and desires of the buyer. This allows them to develop predictive models and better plan for the future.

With the help of big data, the supply chain is being improved and timely and on-demand delivery of goods is being ensured. The relationship between diseases and lifestyle is being better understood with the help of smart watches. This collection of information is helping to prevent epidemics even before they spread. Big data also helps a lot in security matters. Police forces use it to exchange instant information about criminals and to catch international criminals and prevent their future crimes. The quality of sports is being improved. Players' performance is being enhanced by using video recordings and using a number of sensors.

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Big data is being used to reduce traffic congestion in cities. Alternative routes are suggested to people by sharing the traffic situation online and now many cities are turning into smart cities by using big data.

Developing countries are consuming a huge chunk of big data but the time is not far, when developing countries will also learn to benefit from this wealth of information.

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Many of our gadget we are using are consuming enough of data.Even the Facebook and Twitter we make use of every day is consuming much data.

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