Electromagnetic pulse has become today's weapon of destruction

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In today's world we are surrounded by sophisticated technology that has the ability to control and monitor finance, electricity, travel and communications. The United States went beyond the surface nuclear test in the South Pacific in 1962 and experienced the dangerous side effects of gamma rays, which are electromagnetic pulses.

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In today's world, having nuclear weapons is considered unnecessary in addition to deterring an aggressive enemy or self-defense. Now the world is moving towards the practical use of weapons for targeting using high tech. Another high-tech product is the electromagnetic pulse or EMP.

The electromagnetic pulse has been described as a weapon that could potentially threaten national security. EMP can be made in two traditional ways: microwave emission and overhead nuclear fission.

High power microwave electromagnetic energy can be produced as a direct pulse by special electrical devices that convert battery power into intense microwaves which is very harmful to electronics falling in a very small area. The electromagnetic pulse is an instantaneous electromagnetic field produced in the atmosphere by the radiation and force of an atomic explosion. Damage to electrical equipment by EMP also covers a wide area but depends on the design of the device and the height of the crack.

The essential contract for the preparation of EMP is the ionization of air molecules by the gamma rays produced by a nuclear explosion. The electromagnetic pulse of high altitude and high power microwave technology has advanced to the point where electromagnetic bombs are becoming viable.

EMP is not radioactive, it is a pulse formed as a side effect of electromagnetic or atomic bombing. It is also claimed that EMP has no direct side effects on animals. It is mainly used to permanently or briefly disable electrical and electronic devices because electromagnetic energy travels at the speed of light.

Most electrical systems are controlled by semiconductors and fail to communicate with the EMP. Failure of semiconductors could potentially destroy the railway, industrial, telephone, water and electricity systems. EMP has the ability to destroy or burn electronic devices along the route.

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The EMP weapon is capable of offering a military advantage and can have very lethal effects on the battlefield. The length of the developed EMP is in meters and kilometers. The reach of an EMP bomb depends on its size and output power source. The main advantage of electromagnetic pulses is their high energy concentration and hit rate is high. Their speed of action is very fast, there is very short time from launch to hit.

The US Air Force Laboratory has developed an EMP called the Counter Electronics High Power Microwave Advanced Missile Project or CHAMP. CHAMP is capable of exploding high-frequency energy, destroying anti-frequency data and electronic systems.

An EMP device can be small enough to fit in a regular-sized briefcase. The bomb is thought to be designed to deter or defeat an enemy with a nuclear collision. The smallest EMP devices are powered by AA batteries and have the capability to conduct circuit diagrams in a computer system up to 15 meters away.

Electro Magnetic pulse weapons are much larger in scale than microwave emission pulses. The technology used for the microwave pulse is so low that non-state actors or organizations can recover or damage the computer. Other states, such as Russia and China, are also in the race to develop EMP weapons capable of destroying electronic devices and systems.

It is believed that the effects of exposure to EMP energy do not last long and last for weeks. Although EMP weapons require high-tech and advanced power systems, they are still less expensive than 5th-generation aircraft carriers.

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