Review: Proton mail

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I use Protonmail daily along with their Android app.

I'm guessing you are happy with it?

Yes. Forgot to mention that. Have had no issues so far.

Really cool tool! I remember that at the beginning it needed a second passphrase independent from the login credentials for the encrypted mailbox. These times are long gone, it just works! I'm a happy protonmail user, and they're continuously extending their portfolio of tools.

Totally, I'm currently using their free services but intend to upgrade to support further dev. Their VPN products aren't too far off the mark price wise either. When you take their next to free package with VPN Plus its less than €10 per month.

The VPN Plus also gives you tor connections too. Which is handy if you're ever DW diving.

yes, their VPN also got quite popular and I think they even provide a free version? I haven't tried it myself yet. Tor/DW doesn't require VPN, but their VPN can do it as well.

Yep, of course we can use embedded tor in brave etc but who knows who or what is monitoring the end points. With the proton one there might be better protections. I must look it up.