No phone Friday

in technology •  11 months ago 

I was very busy at work today that’s didn’t use my phone the whole day. My screen time is 1h 32m in which 1h was in the night after midnight. I took this screen shot at 10:11 pm.

I really like this feature in my phone and sometimes use to change my phone using habits.

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Hi Vinayak :)
Only yesterday I downloaded "a time logger" app on my phone to track my time throughout the day. It really made me realize how much time there is really throughout the day if we keep a track on it.. This reminded me of it :P

Luckily, iOS users have the screen time app pre-installed on their phones. I have been tracking my time from the very beginning. The iOS app is very effective and has various ways to analyse your habits with each app. I will share some more screenshots of the app soon.

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