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RE: Was this post WRITTEN BY MACHINE? New Harvard AI Can Recognize That

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I agree with your "vicious circle leading to nowhere" theory.

AI will just keep getting smarter.

Perhaps we should instead start training ourselves on what we read, and making sure the sources are good. As writers, we can also make ourselves more personable to make sure that the person reading knows we are a they and not an it.

Its hard though, because we already dehumanize people on social media. We forget that there are real people behind those avatars!


Thank you for your comment dear @metzli. I really appreciate it a lot. I'm sorry for such a late reply, but I were on holidays and had very limited access to Internet.

Its hard though, because we already dehumanize people on social media. We forget that there are real people behind those avatars!

That's true, we are creating a perfect environment for AI development.

Aliens Can Write Too LOL:

Exactly. Ultimately, it may not matter whether something was written by humans, AI, bots, aliens, or even your cat.


Ultimately, what matters is what we do with it. If an AI writes a letter to you saying, "Burn down your house," then will you, @metzli, burn down your house?


I guess, if the AI was pretending to be your best friend in the whole wide world that you truly trusted, then you might consider it because you trust your friend so much. Ultimately, you would need to verify that your friend wrote it. So, make sure you have a secure communication between you and your friend.


Now, if the AI tries to promote something that is wrong, then you might be persuaded to believe in that thing. So, like you said, it is all about humans training humans and it comes down to understanding eternal principles. If the AI shares a good idea, then it is a good idea.

Brain Extension

The AI is simply like an extension of our brains in some ways. The AI can go through if this, then that, in the programming. The AI is simply a complex math problem. Like if A=B, then C=D, but if A+T=Y, then C=F.

AI Math

Bunch of math. That's AI. But people think. People can go with their logic or not. But the AI only goes by logic (programming). It looks like to us as if the AI is alive. Like you said, many things dehumanizes humans. That's bad. We have value. We are priceless. We should have robot body guards.

Brain Phones

Brain phones are coming. Celebrities will stick computer chips in their brains, if the have not already and say it is liberal and cool by 2020, that is next year, if they are not already doing it right now.


They love transhumanism. I will try to not do that. But many people will be tempted to get brain phones. There are reasons why I wouldn't.


But some people will feel like it would be better to do it. In some ways, they will be trying to turning us into AI while they stick computer chips into our brains. Some people already have computer chips.