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RE: Frustrated with Siri? Upgrade to “Siri-Pro” with ChatGPT!

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I will be fascinated to hear the end result. It should be good because it can parse better than the current crop of assistants can. Although I find Alexa quite good. I am looking forward to this technology getting out in the wild and being put to the test in general so I am hoping you manage it!


I'll be tackling this within the next week. I'll need at least an hour of uninterrupted time to focus and that's always the challenge. I can't wait to try it. My first and only exposure to Alexa was in an Airbnb we were staying in back in 2018 and I was even impressed back then. Alexa was so much smarter and conversational than Siri.

My kids love 'her' endlessly asking for jokes and the like.

I got my own back by adding a couple of routines to check for when I say a variation of different sentences centering around who is the coolest/greatest/bestest in the family/this house she always answers why Daddy bear is of course - they think it's genuine magic :0D

Look forward to hearing the results!

That is hilarious! Oh man, I haven't installed ChatGPT on my phone yet but finally got access to it on my MacBook and it's mind-blowing. I was experimenting with having it create travel itineraries and I'm beyond impressed.

It does many things exceedingly well! I quite like it. I wish people would stop confusing it with real AI as if it is about to become sentient or something but it is a fantastic step into the future!