Turn off the TV (screen) and think!

in #technologylast year

Just a friendly reminder:

turn off the.JPG

This public service announcement was brought to you by your fellow critical-thinker because the television doesn't tell you to turn it off anymore. This includes "phones", especially phones. At least with a stationary television you're aware of how much time you spend in front of it. Phones and social media are extremely addictive, constantly taking up a few seconds or minutes here and there that really add up...to the point that you're on it half the time.


Yes, on it half the time, at least! And for what? Are you getting important work done? Or just multi-tasking while you're killing time? Is the real world that bad that you have to have your face buried in a device all of the time?

We really do need to be reminded to think, nowadays. Most of us don't meditate, ever. Or if we do, it's brief, and infrequent. Some people don't even spend any downtime, just daydreaming anymore. We've lost something.

When we try to think about the serious topics which needs our attention such as our relationships or future planing then having television started really makes a distraction

People think their "phone" (ie: handheld computer) isn't as bad as a TV..... it's far worse!