The New PET Device Make 3D Images Of Entire Body Within Seconds.

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The Researchers from the University of California discovered a new modified Positron Emissions Tomography(PET) device which can take a 3D image of entire body within 20 seconds compared to traditional PET device which can take more than 20 minutes to scan the entire body. The new scanner used to scan the entire body with smaller radioactive molecule used to scan the entire body.

Traditional Pet Device (

used a detector ring which is just 25 centimetres thick. Because of that, it takes a long time to capture the entire image of the body. At the same time patient needs to take higher does of the radioactive molecule which

So researchers connected eight PET scanner rings into a 2Mtr long tube which can image the whole body at a glance and reducing the time by 1/40 times and also taking smaller radioactive molecules by 1/40 times than traditional PET device.

The new device can also trace all the drugs and bacteria in our body and it is very helpful to scan children. This new scanner can be used in various clinical and research field.

The US Food and Drug Administration already permitted for using this new modified scanner in the USA last December.

Very soon this scanner will be available for use in the general public.

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