Writing my first Commodore 64 game in 35 years

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Game programming is something a bunch of us aspire to but never accomplish. Especially people of a certain generation, folks born into the home computer revolution of the 1980s.

Our first computer growing up was the Commodore Vic 20, though it was our second games system. The first was the Radofin Sports TV system (glorified Pong).

I didn't get to play with a Commodore 64 until my cousin brought his around for Easter when they visited. Man I was blown away but the cool music and sprites. It took me decades but I finally got my own!

Now, considering my first Commodore 64 game was very simplistic, you could say this game I am developing is my first ever, but what I learned in the few solo hours I had with my cousin's machine translates 1:1 with what I am doing here.

The plan for this game, as you can hopefully see from the picture, is a top-down dungeon crawl adventure. I am using a high resolution (well, high for the C64) and character mode. I will explain why and how in upcoming posts.

Maybe I will even finish this one ;)

 3 months ago 

Do you plan on releasing this game to the general public?

Yeah I was thinking I would have it as a download to a tutorial or something

 3 months ago 


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